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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


My darling Bo-in is very simple. So different from all the women that have illuminated my life for me. I absolutely adore her and treasure every day that she is willing to spend with me. She is a fierce mother to my darling 10 year old daughter, Abigail, who will need years of psychiatry to get over her uncompromising, high standards. She is a doting mother to my splendid but now hopelessly spoiled 5 year old son. This is the way of Korean culture and my position as a meek provider is firm. All decisions rest with her but the amount of work that she does is prodigious. I am in awe.

So different from my first wife who was the opposite - who used marijuana to subdue and medicate all four of my children at the age of 12. I have been angry about finding this out two years ago but now am calming down. It was partially my fault for working so hard and missing my chance to be a father. We knew 3 days after we married and in our rational moments following that we should separate, but the haze of monumental, towering physical attraction for over 12 years ruined all rational courses.

The good part is that both women are great physical beauties and have passed on their looks to their children. And they all have my relentless mind that never, never, never is satisfied with anything other than the complete answer and possession of the complete answer. This of course is hell to live with for all but the most mindless partners. Yes, they are all obsessive with firm fingers prying to open up the answers or get control until the container shatters.

And, again the blessing is that they have lived in a country that would allow (even encouraged) this behavior.

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