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Monday, March 7, 2011

It is HAPPENING - all it took was a lunatic in Lybia to decide he didnt want to go peacefully

Here is comes

Qaddafi is not leaving without a fight.  Just think about it.  He is worth 200 billion so he can hire all the mercenaries he wants to protect his regime.  There are only 6,000,000 people in Libya.   That means he can spend $30,000 per person to control them.   It is going to be hard to get rid of him.   For $100,000 most of the thugs that he can hire will do anything to keep the money flowing.

Mideast is getting worse everywhere.  If the CIA cant control these regimes for the good of the American people, oil is going to $250.  Here is what happens if the CIA fails:

Everything in the US is going to cost much, much, much more in dollars.  Maybe 20% more by the end of the year.

Inflation is happening NOW.

Good thing or bad thing?

Well bad thing for China.  They are getting a 4% interest rate from us so at best we will be forcefully taking a 16% gift from them on the 2 trillion we owe them.  NICE.   That is a 320 billion dollar gift from the Chinese Government to the people of the United States. There is nothing they can do about this.  So next time you see a group of them walking around your city looking for some buildings to buy give them a hug and say "THANKS."

Pensioners on fixed income are going to suffer but they wont complain because they don't know how.  They will be ignored.  Old people are good at suffering in silence.  This is a sin to take advantage of them because they have been building our country for the last  75 years.  But its the easiest way out for politicians. So it is going to happen.   How???  Government will just manipulate the consumer price index to keep it ridiculously low.  Their increases using the so called "CPI" wont come close to keeping up with their true costs.  This stinks but just try to tell a young person they cant have something.  The howling is deafening.  So our precious young will benefit while old people just take it on the chin.

Somehow this doesn't bother me as much as it should ESPECIALLY if it is my own blood.

Maps, Atlases and Audubon's lithographs and aquatints will double in price for sure.  There just is NOTHING coming on the market.  It is scary.   Never seen anything like this.  Rich Americans have been buying the "good" stuff and then giving it away to Museums for the last 100 years.  Could it be that we are running out????   Hope not!

Of course you can always collect contemporary art!  The most famous one's facility was actually called a FACTORY.  Well, at least he was being honest.  Dont worry here - there is a limitless supply for all fools, suckers, lunatics and idiots that actually believe that there is no price manipulation of this field at Sothebys and Christies by dealers.

If inflation comes back anyone who owes money is getting a gift after suffering since the Summer of 2008.

Good luck CIA.  We are all depending on you to keep our oil producing friends in line.

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