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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Globe of the Day: An Impressive Early Nineteenth-Century Globe Pair. W.S.M. Bardin (Terrestrial Globe) and John and William Cary (Celestial Globe)

This gorgeous pair of globes was produced by two of the most famous and celebrated families of globe makers of the late eighteenth to early nineteenth centuries.
  • The terrestrial globe is dedicated:
"To the Honorable SIR JOSEPH BANKS. BAR. K.B. President of the Royal Society. This New British Terrestrial Globe containing all the latest Discoveries and Communications from the most correct and authentic Observations *** 1798 by Capt. Cook and more recent Navigators. Engraved from an *** by Mr Arrowsmith *** respectfully dedicated by his most obedient servants WS M Bardin"
    • Composed of twelve gores, the celestial globe is captioned:
    "Cary's NEW CELESTIAL GLOBE on which are laid down THE WHOLE OF THE STARS NEBULAE Contained in the Astronomical Works of the REV. F. WOLLASTON FRS., De la Caille, Herschel, Hevelius, Mayer, Flainsteed, Bradley."  
      Composed of 18 gores, each globe has an ecliptic graduated with degrees of longitude and latitude, the zodiac and calendar months, and a brass meridian engraved with degrees of latitude. Each is on square tapering mahogany legs with joined stretchers centered by compasses.

      Offered at $95,000.
      We intend to have the lowest prices on ABE, Alibris, Biblio, AE, and Artnet while maintaining the highest levels of quality in the business for every offering. To inquire or view the complete offering, please contact our curators at info@aradernyc.com or call our 72nd Street NYC gallery at (212) 628-3668.  

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