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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Importance of a Hand-Written Letter: Advice from Graham Arader

The interns at Arader Galleries this summer have benefited from receiving invaluable advice and education from Mr. Arader, regarding all topics of business and selling art. Today, Mr. Arader took a moment to explain to us the importance of a hand-written letter in business. This simple act is one that is slowly disintegrating with the growth of e-mail, texting, and social networks. Hence- younger generations tend to turn to these forms of technology rather than their box of stationary. That is why it speaks volumes of a young person’s character when they take the time to construct a meaningful, hand-written letter.
                We’ve been taught that to sell art successfully it is vital to make the client feel comfortable and have empathy to truly understand how the client is feeling in a particular sale. Hand-written letters bring you into your client’s home, make them feel comfortable, and therefore create a strong long-lasting relationship. Saying “thank you” means you have acknowledged that you may be in-debt to someone, which is why it is uncomfortable at times to say those two, small words. However, saying thank you in a letter is what separates someone from being forgotten and being remembered.  
                Hand-written letters have become overlooked and replaced by ‘quickie’ e-mails. The simplest of acts can go far distances. A letter is far more personal than an e-mail, although it may seem that e-mail is the most convenient form of communication. Next time you open your e-mail account and begin sending a business e-mail or message to your friend, think to take the extra step and bring out your stationary. This simple act could benefit further than you realize.

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