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Saturday, July 9, 2011

The First School Ever That Teaches The Skills Of Selling Art.

Starting at the beginning of June, 2012 Arader Galleries will teach High School and College Students the skills necessary to be a successful art dealer.

The course will be given at 1016 Madison Avenue in New York City and will run Monday through Friday from 11 am until 3 pm throughout the Summer.  Reading and writing assignments will be three hours a night.

Basic skills will include:

1.  The four key steps to making a sale.
Each of the four steps will be carefully analyzed and broken down into minute detail and explanations in writing required of the students.  The four steps are:
A. Introduction.
B. The Artwork exists
C. The Artwork can be owned
D.  The Sale of the Artwork.

2.   Management of relationships with clients with contact data base programs.  A full understanding of the "ACT" system will be required.

3.   Using the internet to sell.   A full understanding of the use of the Websites - ABE, Alibris, Biblio, American Exchange, Artnet and the Major Auction Houses will be required.

4.    Building your own website.

5.    Lectures by renowned experts.  Some of the teachers will be:

a. Jessica Wager on the use of contact data base systems.  5 years experience.
b. Lori Cohen on the use of the four step process of selling.  Over 30 years experience.
c. Professor William Gerdts on researching American Paintings.  50 years experience
d. Caleb Kiffer on the use of ABE, Alibris, Biblio and American Exchange.  12 years
e  Alison Petretti on the use of Artnet.  12 years.
f.  Kate Hunter on the techniques of rare book description and communication across cultures and regions.  Over 20 years.
g.  Helene Lowenfels on gallery management.  5 years.
i.   Alan Ripka - on setting and achieving goals. 30 years.
j.  Alex Kam - on marketing. 15 years.
k. Graham Arader - on using the background of history to sell art. Over 44 years.
l.  Walter Arader - the Asian Markets and the challenges of family business.  5 years experience.

6.  Training in the actual skills will be required. 

7.   The use of artwork to understand Art, Art History, History, Linnaean classification systems, Environmental Sciences at the University of Florida, the University of Tennessee, the University of South Carolina, Marymount Collge, Franklin College, Northeastern University.  

Applications for this course require a statement of purpose and anticipated results from the prospective student.  Also a letter of recommendation from a teacher is necessary.

Please contact Graham Arader at grahamarader@gmail.com or 29 East 72nd Street, NYC, NY, 10021 for further details.

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