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Saturday, November 23, 2013

The so called "contemporary" art market vs collecting Audubons.

I would say that the prices at my Audubon auction on November 9, 2013 were very strong and
since virtually every serious Audubon collector knew about the sale,
that the prices realized were in fact the "retail"prices.

My gifts of over $75,000,000 this year to American Universities - U of
FL, U of Tenn, U of CA at Irvine, Prescott College, Northeastern,
Franklin College, U of South Carolina - WILL drive up prices as
hundreds of thousands of students will SEE and USE and be inspired by
Audubon and other great natural history artists.   It already is
making a difference. Professors are using the art to teach.

The Contemporary Art Market is a sham being run by Stevie Cohen, Peter
Brandt and Larry Gagosian.  NONE of the recent prices were real.  It
is all a massive manipulation to justify values for a massive tax
fraud and as a lure for fools that the IRS is fully aware of.  It will

My guess is that this band of bandits have made 10 times more from
this "scam" than the total amount of Cohen's recent fines.

And of course the biggest "sucker" in this whole matter is the fool who is now
trying to buy Sothebys because he actually thinks the market is real.   Interesting to note that
a major payer, Tobias Meyer, in creating this madness resigned from Sotheby's today.  Rats clearly
leaving a sinking ship.  The game is soon to be up.

For 19th century American Art, Alice Walton's and John Middleton's
wild buying have ruined the fun for other collectors and their
withdrawal has now brought about a market crash.  So the crazy prices
of the pre 2008 period have crashed.

The same is true for 18th century American and English furniture.

What I deal in at less than 1/2 of 1 percent of contemporary art
prices is a real market that has been passionately collected for over
125 years.  And prices have steadily gone up during that time.   But
the amounts are numbers that ALL the rich people I know are willing to
pay.   When a society allows a work of art to sell for more than the
total cost of a Harvard BA and Medical degree something is morally
wrong.    And the top Audubons sell for about 50% of that at best.

I dont see that changing even though my gifts to American Universities
is considerably broadening the awareness.

It is my intention to keep pressing for students to see that the art
IS the science based on Linnaeus.  And I am happy to say that I am
getting close with Stanford for a major use of art this way.  That
would be incredibly gratifying.

The template is the inscription inside the front cover of a set of
Audubon octavos that were given to me to appraise by the heirs of
Lawrence Rockefeller.  It was "For Larry - for your 8th birthday.
Hope this gives you a love for conservation.  Love, Daddy."

What we do here at Arader Galleries is steady and real.

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