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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

How I entered the frame manufacturing business.

About 30 years ago my father as secretary of Commerce of Pennsylvania
created low interest loans for businesses.  He arranged for the person
who did our framing - a monster named Marty Gould- to get a loan to
buy his building for $400,000 at 2% for 30 years.

a few weeks after getting the money I brought in a Karl Bodmer print
for him to frame for me.  It has perfect color, full margins, insane
borders and a rich, deep impression.  Also the color transfer from
the copper plate was sublime.

I came back a few weeks later to pick up the framed aquatint and saw
that it has been sliced through the middle.

My heart was broken.  I was dazed.  It took me a few minutes to
find the words to ask what happened.

He said, "Oh dont worry I cut it while matting it but it is fixed now
with scotch tape.  Its fine.

I then said, "Ok you jerk.  I am going to rent the building across
the street, open the finest framing factory in the world and do
whatever it takes to put you out of business.  I dont care if I lose
money for the rest of my life."

I then did exactly that - I learned the framing business and did, in
fact, put him about of business about 15 years later.

That is how I entered the frame manufacturing business.  We are the
best in the world - using the best technicians and materials that are now housed in a
wonderful 18th century home in Gulph Mills, Pennsylvnia where my first
4 children were also conceived.  It is on the National Register of Historic Places and
was George Washington's headquarters before Valley Forge.  Would love
to show you the facilities someday.

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