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Monday, April 2, 2018

Arader Galleries March 31st Auction - Prices Realized

The Webster's dictionary definition of an "insensitive bonehead" is someone that would host an auction on Passover and the day before Easter. 

To those whom I have offended by doing this please accept my apology. 

The amazing news is that in the face of this towering "dumbness" the auction did very well with all sectors selling strongly especially color plate books of American West, Audubon's lithographs of Quadrupeds,  and Natural History watercolors by American and British masters and portraits of Native Americans. 

The finest Basil Ede I have ever seen sold for $36,600.  The most important Native American portraits ever to come on the market - 4 drawings by Rudolph Cornau sold for $30,500, $32,940, $19,520 and $9760.   A rare 31 plate set of Catlin's "Portfolio" made $87,840.  Audubon's iconic "American Buffalo" sold for $29,280. 
A beautiful, important, Renaissance map of Greece by Tramezzino made $19,000 and the Gastaldi three-part series of maps of Asia made $70,000.   The second edition Catesby made $366,000 and a perfect Choris of the great Russian voyage of Otto Kotzebue's circumnavigation made $213,500.  The big bargain was the most important atlas of the Renaissance made $366,000 well under its 2006 price of $409,000 made at Sotheby's.

Our next auction is on June 2nd and again will have excellent offerings of natural history watercolors, the work of John James Audubon, historic maps and atlases, and color plate books.  

If you would like to see a price list, please let me know and one will be sent to you on Monday afternoon. 

And if you have spent more than $1000 with me in the last 20 years, please let me know if you would like to be gifted a copy of either the amazing new book on Redoute OR the amazing new book on Audubon's quadrupeds.   If you have spent more than $10,000, you can have both!!!

Again, apologies for placing this auction during a holy, family weekend.  It will not happen again.

Lot Title Premium Price
1 Audubon Engraving, Greenshank $4,270
2 Audubon Engraving, Molted Owl $10,160
3 Audubon Engraving, Little Owl $3,810
4 Audubon Engraving, Black and White Creeper $10,370
5 Audubon Engraving, Bay-Winged Bunting $1,830
6 Audubon Engraving, Le Petit Caporal $2,540
7 Audubon Engraving, White-headed Eagle $24,400
8 Audubon Engraving, Ruffed Grouse $41,480
9 Audubon Engraving, Ivory-Billed Woodpecker $85,400
10 Audubon Engraving, Red-Throated Diver $5,795
11 Audubon Engraving, Purple Heron Pass
12 Audubon Engraving, Great White Heron $73,200
13 Audubon Engraving, Carolina Parrot Pass
14 Audubon Engraving, American Flamingo Pass
15 Audubon Engraving, Ferruginous Thrush Pass
16 Audubon Engraving, Baltimore Oriole $18,300
17 Kidd's Oil After Audubon's Baltimore Oriole Pass
18 Audubon Lithograph, American Bison (Male) $29,280
19 Audubon Lithograph, American Bison (Female) $17,080
20 Audubon Lithograph, Grey Fox Pass
21 Audubon Lithograph, Common American Wildcat $14,640
22 Audubon Lithograph, Ocelot $14,640
23 Audubon Lithograph, Silver Fox $19,520
24 Audubon Lithograph, Jaguar Pass
25 Audubon Lithograph, Canada Lynx $14,640
26 Audubon Lithograph, Common Deer $14,640
27 Audubon Lithograph, American Elk $10,980
28 Audubon Lithograph, Swift Fox Pass
29 Audubon Lithograph, Raccoon $10,370
30 Audubon Lithograph, Common Mouse $17,080
31 Audubon Lithograph, Cougar (Female and Young) Pass
32 Audubon Lithograph, American Black Bear Pass
33 Audubon Lithograph, Polar Bear Pass
34 Audubon Lithograph, Common American Deer (Fawn) $7,320
35 Audubon Lithograph, Grizzly Bear Pass
36 Audubon Lithograph, Beaver Pass
37 Audubon Lithograph, Armadillo $6,710
38 Audubon Lithograph, Red Texan Wolf Pass
39 Audubon Lithograph, Cougar (Male) $5,490
40 Audubon Lithograph, Black-tailed Hare Pass
41 Audubon Lithograph, Mink Pass
42 Audubon Lithograph, Collared Peccary $5,490
43 Audubon Lithograph, Texan Hare $6,100
44 Audubon Lithograph, Prairie Wolf Pass
45 Audubon Lithograph, Fox Squirrel $5,490
46 Audubon Lithograph, Black American Wolf $5,490
47 Audubon Lithograph, Cinnamon Bear Pass
48 Audubon Lithograph, Polar Hare $5,185
49 Audubon Lithograph, Virginiian Opossum $4,270
50 Audubon Lithograph, Arctic Fox $3,965
51 Audubon Lithograph, Wolverine $4,270
52 Audubon Lithograph, Northern Hare (Summer) Pass
53 Audubon Lithograph, Long Tailed Deer Pass
54 Audubon Lithograph, Grey Rabbit $3,050
55 Audubon Lithograph, Townsend's Rocky Mountain Hare Pass
56 Audubon Lithograph, Canada Porcupine Pass
57 Audubon Lithograph, Common American Skunk $3,050
58 Charming Watercolor of an African Elephant $7,930
59 Basil Ede's Great Horned Owl $36,600
60 Johannes Bronckhorst Watercolor Pass
61 Johannes Bronckhorst Watercolor Pass
62 Baldassare Cattrani Flora Watercolor $12,200
63 Baldassare Cattrani Flora Watercolor Pass
64 Baldassare Cattrani Flora Watercolor $9,760
65 Baldassare Cattrani Flora Watercolor Pass
66 Baldassare Cattrani Flora Watercolor Pass
67 Baldassare Cattrani Flora Watercolor $15,860
68 Thorburn Watercolor of Pheasants $42,700
69 Thorburn Watercolor of Common Eider Ducks $21,960
70 Thorburn Watercolor of Widgeon and Greyleg $13,420
71 Thorburn Watercolor of Mallard Duck in Flight $13,420
72 Thorburn Watercolor of Great Grey Owl $15,860
73 Thorburn Watercolor of Bird of Prey $2,745
74 Thorburn Watercolor of Bird of Prey Pass
75 Thorburn Watercolor of Bird of Prey Pass
76 Thorburn Watercolor of Bird of Prey Pass
77 Thorburn Watercolor of Bird of Prey Pass
78 Thorburn Watercolor of an Eaglet $2,440
79 Oudry's Raven $3,965
80 Oudry's Raven, Nautre Morte Pass
81 Isaac Spackman Basso-Relievo Watercolors $3,660
82 Isaac Spackman Basso-Relievo Watercolors $2,440
83 Isaac Spackman Basso-Relievo Watercolors $2,440
84 Isaac Spackman Basso-Relievo Watercolors $2,745
85 Isaac Spackman Basso-Relievo Watercolors $3,660
86 Thomas Lewin's Eastern Meadowlark Watercolor Pass
87 Francis Lee Jaques Watercolor of Two Orioles $5,490
88 Cronau Original Sketch of Kangi-Yatapi, Crow King $30,500
89 Cronau Original Sketch of Tatanka-Washila, a Dakota Indian $19,520
90 Cronau Original Sketch of Mato-Sapa, The Black Bear $32,940
91 Cronau Original Sketch of Mato-Sapa, The Black Bear $9,760
92 Catlin's North American Indian Portfolio Expanded Siebert Edition $87,840
93 Youngson Album of Original Watercolor Drawings of Birds of India Pass
94 Gould Birds of Great Britain First Edition $183,000
95 Wilson and Ord's American Ornithology $9,760
96 Audubon Birds of America and Quadrupeds of North America 8vo $24,400
97 Catesby Second Edition of the Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands $366,000
98 First Edition of Bartram's Travels Pass
99 Bartram's Travels First Edition with rare Provenance $15,860
100 Jefferys Natural and Civil History of North and South America Pass
101 Fine Second Edition of Speer's West India Pilot $61,000
102 Dupont Copy of 1513 Ptolemy's Geographie $366,000
103 1541 Ptolemy Geographicae Second Edition $32,940
104 Choris Voyage Pittoresque with Vues et Paysages des Regions... $213,500
105 Two Part John Pine Book of Tapestries Pass
106 Hakewill Picturesque Tour of the Island of Jamaica $6,350
107 Audubon Birds of America Abbeville edition $7,620
108 Large Engraved World Map by Pierre Duval $9,760
109 Nicolai's New World Map $13,420
110 Berry's Mapp of All the World Pass
111 Ortelius' World Map $3,965
112 Spilbergen Engraved World Map $1,830
113 Nolin's Double Hemisphere Map of the World Pass
114 Apian's Woodblock Charta Cosmographica $2,440
115 Mortier Map of Canada and Polar Regions Pass
116 Sanson's Double Hemisphere Polar Projection Pass
117 Pirro Ligorio's Rare Map of Greece $23,180
118 Jaillot Engraved Map of France Post Revolution Pass
119 Allard Engraved Map of Iberian Peninsula $1,270
120 1726 Valentijn Map of Taiwan or Formosa Pass
121 Mercator Engraved Map of Asia Pass
122 Ptolemy's Woodblock Map of Turkey Pass
123 Ptolemy's Woodblock of Pakistan and Afghanistan Pass
124 Three Very Rare Gastaldi Maps of Asia $85,400
125 Sauthier's Map of New York 1776 Pass
126 Second State Coronelli Map of American's West Coast Pass
127 British Camp at Trudruffrin Pass
128 Plan of the River and Sound D'Awfoskee in South Carolina $2,440
129 Exact Plan of the Harbour of Providence $34,290
130 De Bry Map of America Pass
131 Dudley Map of Rio della Plata Argentina Pass
132 Engraved Map of South America by Charles Price Pass
133 Coronelli's Map of West Coast of America Pass
134 George Willdey's Engraved Map of North America $3,660
135 Laurie Engraved Map of The US (Fredonia) Pass
136 De La Tour Map of United States Pass
137 Des Barres Four Views of Boston $13,420
138 P.C. Canot View of the City of Boston $7,930
139 Carwithham South East View of the Great Town of Boston $7,320
140 Currier & Ives Camping Out Pass
141 Currier & Ives Maple Sugaring Pass
142 Currier & Ives American Country Life Pleasures of Winter Pass
143 Currier & Ives Pioneer's Home on the Western Frontier Pass
144 Goupe & Vibert Lithograph Hiver Pass
145 Currier & Ives Husking Lithograph Pass
  Total $2,406,915

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