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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

You are invited to a party

70 tickets have been bought for the July 28th, 7 pm performance of "Comfort Woman - A New Musical"  at the Peter Jay Sharp Theater, 416 West 42nd Street.

You are invited!

Here is a link to my daughter, Abigail's part in this musical:  https://www.dimokimf actory.org/cast

This is her first starring role in a Broadway Musical. 

There also will be a luncheon at my Club on the 27th at 12 30 and a light dinner from 5 to 6 PM on the 28th at 1016 Madison Avenue, NYC

Our next auction will be July 28th at 2 pm at 1016 Madison.

You are invited to all of this.


703 627 0275

Monday, June 4, 2018

June 2nd Success and Prices Realized

Dear Friends,

This Saturday marked another successful auction at Arader Galleries!  We are delighted to announce our June sale totaled $1,228,963.50. The 223 lot sale featured a selection of outstanding material. The Audubon Birds section had highlights of Lot 13, the Louisiana Heron selling for $85,000 Hammer and Lot 9, the Trumpeter Swan (Young) achieving a total price of $45,750.

A few choice oil paintings were sold and included Lot 129, a London Follower of Canaletto ($10,795), Lot 131 a John Frederick Herring, Stable Yard ($10,160), and Lot 137, The Battle of Arques, after Jacob Bunel ($8,890). Next there was a group of rare books including a Cook & Jefferys' North American Pilot making $124,440, and first edition of Pike's Travels selling for $14,640.

Finally the sale rounded out with an excellent offering of antique maps. Lot 176 a beautiful portolan chart of Sicily sold for $36,830; Lot 206, the Sturges and Early Map of the State of Georgia sold for $97,600.; Lot 207, Popple's 1733 Map of the British Empire in America.., sold for a total of $109,800; and lastly Lot 208, Melish's 1823 edition of his Map of the United States, sold for $61,000. 

Our Next Auction is July 28th, which will be an exclusive sale of choice works including natural history works on paper, antique maps and rare books.

That evening you are invited to the opening night of my daughter, Abigail Arader's, Broadway musical revival of "Comfort Women: A New Musical." She won the lead role over 1,878 other candidates. You are invited as my guest for the performance and dinner afterward. There will be performances for all of August and you are invited for these dates if July 28th is not convenient. 

Hope you can make it.


Graham Arader

Lot Title Hammer Premium
1 Audubon Aquatint, Purple Grackle $3,500 $4,445.00
2 Audubon Aquatint, American Magpie $5,000 $6,100.00
3 Audubon Aquatint, Urai Brunnichii $750 $915.00
4 Audubon Aquatint, Chipping Sparrow $1,000 $1,220.00
5 Audubon Aquatint, Gadwall Duck $7,500 $9,150.00
6 Audubon Aquatint, Long-Tailed Duck $4,000 $4,880.00
7 Audubon Aquatint, Black-Billed Cuckoo $4,000 $4,880.00
8 Audubon Aquatint, Horned Grebe $2,000 $2,540.00
9 Audubon Aquatint, Trumpeter Swan (Young) $37,500 $45,750.00
10 Audubon Aquatint, Spotted Grous $10,000 $12,200.00
11 Audubon Aquatint, Glossy Ibis $15,000 $18,300.00
12 Audubon Aquatint, Wood Ibis $55,000 $67,100.00
13 Audubon Aquatint, Louisiana Heron $85,000 $103,700.00
14 Audubon Aquatint, Female Turkey $60,000 $73,200.00
15 Audubon Aquatint, Brazilian Caracara Eagle $8,500 $10,370.00
16 Audubon Aquatint, Baltimore Oriole $7,000 $8,540.00
17 Roger Tory Peterson, Pheasant and Quail $5,500 $6,710.00
18 Walton Ford Lithograph, Pestvogel Pass Pass
19 Audubon Amsterdam, White Pelican $450 $571.50
20 Audubon Amsterdam, Great Blue Heron $900 $1,143.00
21 Elliot Lithograph, Grey-Headed Finch $375 $457.50
22 Elliot Lithograph, Temminck's Auk $375 $457.50
23 Elliot Lithograph, Fiery Cardinal Pass Pass
24 Elliot Lithograph, Burrough's Vulture Pass Pass
25 Audubon Bien, Golden-Winged Woodpecker $400 $508.00
26 Audubon Bien, Rusty Grackle $400 $508.00
27 Audubon Quadruped, Northern Hare Pass Pass
28 Audubon Quadruped, Rocky Mountain Sheep $3,000 $3,660.00
29 Audubon Quadruped, California Hare $3,000 $3,810.00
30 Audubon Quadruped, Caribou $3,000 $3,660.00
31 Audubon Quadruped, American Bison (Male) $6,000 $7,320.00
32 Audubon Quadruped, American Elk Pass Pass
33 Audubon Quadruped, Columbian Black Tailed Deer Pass Pass
34 Audubon Quadruped, Moose Deer $3,250 $3,965.00
35 Audubon Quadruped, Badger $3,000 $3,660.00
36 Audubon Quadruped, Canada Otter $2,500 $3,050.00
37 Audubon Quadruped, Marsh Hare $2,500 $3,050.00
38 Audubon Quadruped, Canada Otter Pass Pass
39 Audubon Quadruped, Rocky Mountain Goat $2,250 $2,745.00
40 Audubon Quadruped, Hare Indian Dog $2,500 $3,050.00
41 Audubon Quadruped, Pronged-horn Antelope $3,000 $3,660.00
42 Audubon Quadruped, Texan Lynx $1,700 $2,074.00
43 Audubon Quadruped, Sea Otter Pass Pass
44 Audubon Quadruped, Black Footed Ferret $2,250 $2,745.00
45 Audubon Quadruped, American Red Fox Pass Pass
46 Audubon Quadruped, Musk Ox $2,000 $2,440.00
47 Audubon Quadruped, Ground Hog $1,900 $2,318.00
48 Audubon Quadruped, Chipping Squirrel $1,800 $2,196.00
49 Audubon Quadruped, Texan Skunk $1,800 $2,196.00
50 Audubon Quadruped, Large Tailed Skunk $3,000 $3,660.00
51 Audubon Quadruped, Esquimaux Dog $1,800 $2,196.00
52 Audubon Quadruped, Nuttal's Hare $1,900 $2,413.00
53 Audubon Quadruped, White American Wolf $1,700 $2,074.00
54 Audubon Quadruped, Wormwood Hare $1,800 $2,196.00
55 Audubon Quadruped, Say's Squirrel $1,800 $2,196.00
56 Audubon Quadruped, American Cross Fox $1,800 $2,196.00
57 Audubon Quadruped, Red-bellied Squirrel $1,400 $1,708.00
58 Audubon Quadruped, Severn River Flying Squirrel Pass Pass
59 Audubon Quadruped, Carolina Gray Squirrel $1,700 $2,074.00
60 Audubon Quadruped, Black Tailed Deer Pass Pass
61 Audubon Quadruped, Prairie Dog Pass Pass
62 Audubon Quadruped, Little Chief Hare Pass Pass
63 Audubon Quadruped, Richardson's Columbia Squirrel $1,500 $1,830.00
64 Audubon Quadruped, Oregon Flying Squirrel $1,500 $1,830.00
65 Audubon Quadruped, Common Flying Squirrel $1,500 $1,830.00
66 Audubon Quadruped, Pennants Marten $1,500 $1,830.00
67 Audubon Quadruped, Hare Squirrel $1,500 $1,830.00
68 Audubon Quadruped, Orange Bellied Squirrel $1,400 $1,708.00
69 Audubon Quadruped, Harvest Mouse $1,500 $1,830.00
70 Audubon Quadruped, The Black Rat $1,200 $1,464.00
71 Audubon Quadruped, Bachman's Hare $1,400 $1,708.00
72 Audubon Quadruped, Sewellel Pass Pass
73 Audubon Quadruped, Bridled Weasel Pass Pass
74 Audubon Quadruped, Muskrat $1,000 $1,220.00
75 Audubon Quadruped, Soft Hare Squirrel Pass Pass
76 Audubon Quadruped, Long Haired Squirrel Pass Pass
77 Audubon Quadruped, Ring-tailed Bassarius $1,500 $1,830.00
78 Charles R. Knight, Prehistoric Man Painting Pass Pass
79 Zallinger Paleo Art $2,500 $3,050.00
80 Zallinger Paleo Art Pass Pass
81 Zallinger Paleo Art Pass Pass
82 Catesby Engraving, Margate Fish Pass Pass
83 Catesby Engraving, Bahama Unicorn Fish $800 $1,016.00
84 Catesby Engraving, Barracuda Pass Pass
85 Catesby Engraving, Negro Fish Pass Pass
86 Catesby Engraving, Globe Fish $475 $579.50
87 Catesby Engraving, Mutton Fish $400 $508.00
88 Catesby Engraving, Muray $350 $444.50
89 Catesby Engraving, Porgy Pass Pass
90 Catesby Engraving, Black Murey $250 $317.50
91 Freminville Watercolors of Fish Pass Pass
92 Freminville Watercolors of Fish Pass Pass
93 Freminville Watercolors of Fish Pass Pass
94 Freminville Watercolors of Shells Pass Pass
95 Freminville Watercolors of Shells Pass Pass
96 Redoute Rose Stipple Engraving $3,500 $4,270.00
97 Redoute Rose Stipple Engraving $4,000 $4,880.00
98 Redoute Rose Stipple Engraving $3,250 $3,965.00
99 Redoute Rose Stipple Engraving $2,250 $2,745.00
100 Redoute Lily Stipple Engraving Pass Pass
101 Redoute Lily Stipple Engraving Pass Pass
102 Redoute Lily Stipple Engraving Pass Pass
103 Redoute Lily Stipple Engraving Pass Pass
104 Redoute Lily Stipple Engraving Pass Pass
105 Redoute Lily Stipple Engraving Pass Pass
106 Redoute Lily Stipple Engraving Pass Pass
107 French Flower Oil Painting Pass Pass
108 French Flower Oil Painting Pass Pass
109 Dietrich Still Life Oil Painting Pass Pass
110 German Still Life Oil Painting Pass Pass
111 Prevost Still Life Oil Painting $40,000 $48,800.00
112 Bosschart Still Life Oil Painting Pass Pass
113 Flemish Still Life Oil Painting Pass Pass
114 Edward Lear Landscape Oil Painting Pass Pass
115 Edward Lear Landscape Oil Painting Pass Pass
116 Edward Lear Landscape Watercolor Pass Pass
117 Edward Lear Landscape Watercolor Pass Pass
118 Niagara Falls American Oil Painting Pass Pass
119 Birch Seascape Oil Painting Pass Pass
120 Havell Jr. Hudson River Oil Painting Pass Pass
121 Havell Jr. Hudson River Oil Painting Pass Pass
122 Miller Central Park Oil Painting Pass Pass
123 Tilton Lake Como Oil Painting Pass Pass
124 Richards Atlantic City Oil Painting $3,000 $3,660.00
125 Perkins Landscape Oil Painting $2,750 $3,492.50
126 Knoop Genre Oil Painting Pass Pass
127 Bille St. Thomas Oil Painting Pass Pass
128 Neapolitan School Watercolors Pass Pass
129 London Follower of Canaletto Oil Painting $8,500 $10,795.00
130 Herring Plough Team Oil Painting Pass Pass
131 Herring Stable Yard Oil Painting $8,000 $10,160.00
132 Bensell Western Oil Painting $22,500 $27,450.00
133 Catlin South American Oil Painting Pass Pass
134 Bush South American Oil Painting Pass Pass
135 Bush South American Oil Painting Pass Pass
136 Potthast Grand Canyon Oil Painting Pass Pass
137 Battle of Arques after Jacob Bunel $7,000 $8,890.00
138 Matteson Santa's Workshop Oil Painting Pass Pass
139 Wigand Viennese Drawing Pass Pass
140 American Steamboat Oil Painting $1,800 $2,286.00
141 Bunner Lake George Oil Painting Pass Pass
142 Decker Still Life Oil Painting Pass Pass
143 Harley Baseball Player Bronze Pass Pass
144 Miller Lake Champlain Oil Painting Pass Pass
145 Phillips Child Portrait Oil Painting Pass Pass
146 Ripley Sporting Oil Painting Pass Pass
147 Robinson Bridge Oil Painting Pass Pass
148 Tait Sporting Oil Painting Withdrawn Withdrawn
149 Tait Sporting Oil Painting Pass Pass
150 Bloch Ichthyologie (Fish) Rare Book Pass Pass
151 Toulouse-Lautrec Beastiary Rare Book Pass Pass
152 Austin's Extra Illustrated Land of Little Rain Pass Pass
153 Montes de Oca's Hummingbird Book Pass Pass
154 First Edition of Pikes Travels $12,000 $14,640.00
155 Jefferys and Cook's North American Pilot $102,000 $124,440.00
156 Coutons' First Edition Book on Louis XVI Pass Pass
157 Schenk's Book on City Views Pass Pass
158 Millanese Architecture during Napoleon Pass Pass
159 Moll's World Geography Pass Pass
160 La Fontaine's Fables Pass Pass
161 Boissard's Portraits of Sultans Pass Pass
162 Germain's Element's d'Orfevrerie Divises Pass Pass
163 Valladier's Celebration of Henry IV Pass Pass
164 Merian's Topographia Galiae $7,000 $8,540.00
165 Hamilton's Antiquities in Quarto Pass Pass
166 Life of Duke of Anjou, Henry II Pass Pass
167 Sergent-Marceau's Portraits of Great Men and Women Pass Pass
168 Isabey's Divers Essais Lithographiques Pass Pass
169 La Fontaine's Psyche and Cupid Pass Pass
170 De Hooghe's Celebration of William III Pass Pass
171 Chalcocondyles's History of the Turks Pass Pass
172 Fine Binding owned by Louis XV Pass Pass
173 Pfintzing's Epic on Emperor Maximilian's Betrothal Pass Pass
174 Dahlberg's Architectual Treasure's of Sweden Pass Pass
175 French 18th C. Map of the World $8,500 $10,370.00
176 Portolan Chart of Sicily $29,000 $36,830.00
177 Portolan Chart of Sardinia $27,500 $33,550.00
178 Portolan Chart of Atlantic Ocean Pass Pass
179 Halley's World Map $5,500 $6,710.00
180 De Wit's Map of the Caribbean $2,500 $3,050.00
181 Ronne's Map of the Antilles 200 $244.00
182 Le Moyne's Map of Florida $8,000 $9,760.00
183 White's Map of Virginia $9,000 $10,980.00
184 Demongenet Terrestrial Globe Gore $11,000 $13,420.00
185 Sanson World Map $4,000 $4,880.00
186 DeLisle Gulf of Mexico Map Pass Pass
187 Keulen Gulf of Mexico Map $3,000 $3,660.00
188 Wytfliet California Map $1,700 $2,074.00
189 Fanlayson Mexico Map $900 $1,098.00
190 Jefferys Texas Coast Map $3,250 $3,965.00
191 Probsts Key Map After Popple $2,000 $2,440.00
192 View of Boston After Hill Pass Pass
193 Mercator's Map of Africa $950 $1,159.00
194 Tarleton's Plan of Charlestown $1,000 $1,220.00
195 Faden's Plan of Bunker Hill $750 $915.00
196 Group Lot of 6 Maps $1,000 $1,220.00
197 Fry & Jefferson 1775 Map of Virginia Pass Pass
198 Scull Map of Pennsylvania 1775 Pass Pass
199 Zahn Engraved Double Hemisphere World Map Pass Pass
200 Carver Engraved Map of Quebec $1,100 $1,342.00
201 Disturnell Mapa de los Estados Unidus de Mejico 1850 Pass Pass
202 De Cordova Map of the State of Texas 1850 $11,000 $13,420.00
203 De Fer Engraved Map of California $3,000 $3,660.00
204 Briggs The North Part of America 1625 $6,000 $7,320.00
205 Sauthier Chorographical Map of New York 1779 Pass Pass
206 Sturges Map of the State of Georgia 1818 $80,000 $97,600.00
207 Popple 1733 Map of the British Empire in America $90,000 $109,800.00
208 Melish Map of the United States 1823 $50,000 $61,000.00
209 Important Walls Maps of Continents by Giacomo Gastaldi Pass Pass
210 Rare Copy of Sophianos Map of Greece Pass Pass
211 Chong Sanggi Korean Atlas Pass Pass
212 Bodmer's Aquatint Sih-CHida and Mahchsi-Karehde $6,000 $7,320.00
213 Bodmer's Aquatint Pehriska Rupha $6,000 $7,620.00
214 Bodmer's Aquatint Indian Hunting the Bisons $6,000 $7,320.00
215 Bodmer's Aquatint Junction of the Yellow Stone River Pass Pass
216 Bodmer's Aquatint Encampment of the Piekann Indians Pass Pass
217 Bodmer's Aquatint Scalp Dance of the Minatarres Pass Pass
218 Bodmer's Aquatint Noapeh & Psihdja-Sahpa Pass Pass
219 Bodmer's Aquatint Camp of the Gros Ventres Pass Pass
220 Bodmer's Aquatint Herd of Bisons Pass Pass
221 Bodmer's Aquatint View of the Stone Walls Pass Pass
222 Bodmer's Aquatint Herds of Bisons and Elks Pass Pass
223 Bodmer's Aquatint Indian Utensils and Arms $1,000 $1,220.00

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Abigail Arader is a STAR

My daughter, Abigail Arader, has today won (against 1878 candidates) the lead role in a revival of the Broadway musical "Comfort Women: A New Musical"
Opening night is July 28 and you are invited as my guest for the performance and dinner afterward.   There will be performances for all of August and you are invited for these dates if July 28th is not convenient again as my guest.
Hope you can make it.
Here is the write up of the upcoming show:
Dimo Kim Musical Theatre Factory's "Comfort Women: A New Musical," which premiered at Theatre at St. Clements 2015, is making an Off-Broadway revival at Playwrights Horizons from July 20th until September 2nd, 2018. "Comfort Women: A New Musical", written by Dimo Hyun Jun Kim, Osker David Aguirre, and Joann Malory Mieses, with music by Bryan Michaels and TaeHo Park was nominated for the Best Off-Broadway Musical by BroadwayWorld and has received critical acclaim for shedding a light on the untold story of 'comfort women.'
Set in Korea under Japanese colonial rule, "Comfort Women: A New Musical" tells a story about a Korean teenage girl named Goeun who embarks on a journey to Tokyo to make money for her family, but ends up at a 'comfort station' in Indonesia, where hundreds of teenage girls were abducted and forced to become sex slaves, also known as 'comfort women,' for the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II. The musical evolves around the stories of Goeun and other 'comfort women,' and the audience witnesses how such a tragedy can permanently and painfully transform the life of a young woman.
Based on true war crimes committed by the Japanese Imperial Army, 'comfort women' included girls as young as 14, who were promised with well-paying jobs abroad but instead were taken to islands in Indonesia to forcefully serve as sex slaves for 50 to 100 soldiers a day. Many died from the horrendous mistreatments, and the small number of survivors still alive today are scarred forever, living in shame and reluctant to speak out about what happened to them.
In 2015, "Comfort Women: A New Musical" opened at Theatre at St. Clements with a first-ever all-Asian Off-Broadway cast, led by an East Asian director. Dealing with a politically sensitive topic, the show garnered interest and acclaim for illuminating the truth and seriousness of the 'comfort women' issue, and recorded a sold-out run. The show also attracted a great amount of interest for featuring seven Japanese actors who did not shy away from portraying Japanese soldiers on stage, despite the Japanese government's long-time reluctance to apologize to the survivors.
"Comfort Women: A New Musical" is directed by Dimo Hyun Jun Kim, whose Off-Broadway credits include "Green Card" and "Interview". Just like the recent highly publicized success of South-North Korean Summit, Kim hopes this show can contribute to spreading peace and healing the survivors by sharing a piece of painful history of Korea. Kim is thrilled to provide more opportunities for talented Asian American actors and actresses to be featured on Off-Broadway stages where there are scarce opportunities for multicultural theatre artists. The show is associate directed by Mark Cirnigliaro, choreographed by Natanal Kim and music directed by TekGoo Kang. The design team includes Stella Hyun Joo Oh (Scenic Design), Byung Chul Lee (Lighting Design), Lucius Seo (Costume Design), and Tae Jong Park (Sound Design). 

"Comfort Women: A New Musical" will begin previews on July 20th, opening on July 27th and continuing until September 2nd, 2018 at Peter Jay Sharp Theater in Playwrights Horizons. This production is hosted by I.A. Lab and Hwarang Entertainment, and is produced by the Dimo Kim Musical Theater Factory, Sejoon Oh, and Matthew Thomas Burda. It is supported by the Korean Council for the Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan, and will proudly feature talented Asian American theatre artists. Worldwide auditions are currently being held for all roles. 

Friday, April 27, 2018

Arader Galleries Hosts a USC Book Signing for Patricia Moore-Pastides in New York!

Thursday evening Arader Galleries had the pleasure of hosting a book signing event for University of South Carolina first lady, Patricia Moore-Pastides. Her book At Home in the Heart of the Horseshoe details the life and time of the Presidents house at USC. Following a warm introduction by Graham Arader and President Pastides, Patricia shared her inspiration behind the book as well as highlights of her writing process, including learning the personal histories supplied by former first families and residents. Alumni, family and friends of USC assembled from far and wide to celebrate at our 1016 Madison Avenue gallery. Mr. Arader hosted an intimate dinner at his club with guests including the Pastides, Alan and Shelby Ripka, Michael and Elyn Stubblefield, and Arader's Auction Directors, Taylor Rash and Annie Morony.

Arader Galleries has enjoyed a wonderful relationship with the University of South Carolina for over 8 years. USC has been a shining example of the success of the galleries' giving program. Through donating natural history artwork to be used within the classroom and displayed throughout the common areas, students are able to view the merger of art and science through art.

Further information on  At Home in the Heart of the Horseshoe is available through the USC website.

For further information on Arader Galleries giving programs and to get involved, please email curators@aradergalleries.com

If you would like a copy of Patricia Pastides book, Arader Galleries would like to give you one for your library.