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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Syria, the United States and Warren Buffet

The US should pick partners in these Middle East wars the same way that Warren Buffet picks stocks.

If Buffet doesnt EASILY understand what the company does, he doesn't buy the stock.

The US and the gamesters at CIA clearly have no idea what is going on in Syria.  They should take Buffet's example and stay out.

Friday, April 18, 2014

The most important maps in American History if you were born in Bryn Mawr, PA, went to the Hill School, Canford School in England, Yale, the lived in Villanova, PA, MIddleburg Virginia, NYC and have seven children!

1. Mitchell 1755
2. Melish 1816
3. Disturnell 1847
4. Bradley 1796
5. Arrowsmith 1796
6. Popple 1733 #91 in #2
7. Moll 1715 #87 in #2
8. Ptolemy 1513. #40 in #2
9. Ruysch 1508
10. Fine 1531 #11 in #1
11. Delisle 1718 #85
12. Delisle 1703 Mexique #84 in #2
13. Delisle 1703 Canada.  #83 in #2
14. Champlain 1632 #72 in #2
15. Champlain 1613 smaller in my bedroom
16. Captain John Smith New England #73 in #2
17. Captain John Smith Virginia
18. Le Moyne 1561 #67 in #2
19. White 1590 #66 in #2
20. Zalteri Forlani North America 1566 #58 in #2
21. Hutchins 1778
22. Bonner of Boston
23. Nicholas Scull 1759
24. Nicholas Scull 1770
25. Lewis Evans 1755
26. Mouzon
27. Blanchard of NH
28. Green of New England first
29. Sauthier of NYC
30. Montressor of NYC
31. Colles Roads
32. Fry and Jeff first
33. Mouzon
34. humboldt
35. eddy
36. tanner of Mexico
37. early of  Georgia
38. Martyn of Savannah
39. Briggs of NA #74 in #2
40. Pike
41. Long
42. Ellicott
43. Winslow Thomas, Brooke
44. Manu of Boston
45. Manu of TX
46. cornnelli of NA
47. Barcanda
48. James Cook #96 in #2
49 Vancourver
50. Wilkes
51. Robinson
52 Gastaldi of NA
53. Holme of Phila
54. Blaskowitz
55. Perrin du lac
56. John Henry Alexander of Maryland
57. Zalteri.Forlani of NA
58. Holme of PA #81 in #2
59. DeBraham
60. Senex map of PA / MD boundary dispute in the book purchased at the
small sale
61. manu of Pittsburg - get descriptoin from Lori
62. Hutchins 1765 of Indian country
63. Thomas Jefferson map of VA from his notes on Virginia
64. Sanson of NA 1650. #77 in #2
65. Ortelius of La Florida 1584  #63 in #2
66. Apainus Solinus #9 in #1 of most impt maps of America
67. 1548 Gastaldi Ptolemy #13 in #1
68. Gastaldi of NA. #14 in #1
69. Munster NA - use the atlas we have #51 in #2
70. Ramusio - whole altas. #52 in #2
71. Forlani of South America #57 in #2
72. Wytfliet - #69 in #2. use our earliest edition
73. Lescarbot - #70 in #2
74  to 87 - the 14 maps in delaet - #75 in #2
88. Boisseau - #76 in #2
89. Foster map of NE. #78 in #2
90. Early state of Visscher in my office at 72nd Street
91. Loots of Atlantic - #82 in #2
92. Courange - #86 in #2
93. Buache of Alaska #93 in #2.
94. Caamano - Alaska #98
95. Quimper - Vancouver sound - #99
96. Verbiest - #100 inj #2.

yes.  I have all of these in stock as well.  what four have I missed

The University that does this best is going to get a $10,000,000 gift of art from me.

Here is what is going to get me to be devoted to you - compelling signage that draws the students in.

here is what I would like to see explained and answered in letters two inches high all through your campus on the artwork that I plan to give you

who was Linnaeus
what is an engraving
is the DNA of a Great Blue Heron in 1832 the same as 2014 or has pollution and radiation changed the structure of DNA
who paid for these book that had color plates in them.
who bought these book
what is a lithograph
how was paper made
what is wood pulp
what is hand laid paper
how was the ink made
who did the coloring
who did the engraving
who bound the books
who used these books
why have rich people put this artwork in their homes for the last 500 years
where are the watercolors that were the templates for the woodcuts, engravings and lithographs
where did natural history artists see these specimens? in a zoo or on an expedition
what is foxing
what is mold
who collected these books
is breaking up a book of engravings a good thing
what are the two primary colors that make up the color green.
what causes the color green migrate toward the color yellow.
what is the importance of mace, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, pepper.
why did the Spanish come to America
the English?
the Dutch?
the French?
what was the influence of smallpox, alcohol, gunpowder, syphilis, and
Christianity on native americans
who specifically benefited in South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee,
Florida from the 6 Indian Removal Acts of 1830, 31, 32, 34, 37 and 38.
who was McKenney and Hall?
who went up the Missouri River in 1832, 33-4, 37 and 43 and created an iconography of the American West
who was Charles Bird King, Bodmer, Catlin, A. J. Miller
what is an aquatint
what does the number in the upper right of an Audubon aquatint mean,
in the upper left.

The answers to these questions are knows by the rich and it gives them an appreciation and love and understanding of this country that add much to their lives.  It gives them a firmament that allows them to stand on something that helps them grow better than others.  With compelling signage throughout a campus this advantage can be shared by all.  This is all about delivering the message.  Without a compelling message this whole idea of giving art away is a waste of time.

The most effective message in America today is at the football pavilion at the University of Alabama.  Their message happens to be that Alabama values the participation of their football stars.  It makes it clear that anyone who excels in football will leave with a towering sense of dignity for the rest of their lives.  It is a simple, direct guarantee that does not have to be stated or promised.  The quality of display is the finest that I have ever seen.  It is worth the trip to see.  It beats the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Disney, Madison and Fifth
Avenue, Tiffanys, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Walmart, NASA, the Yankees Stadium and Madison Square Garden hands down.

WHAT are you doing to help me help you share the message that my artworks CAN give with our precious young.