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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Arader Galleries Gets Involved With Auburn University

From: Marilyn Laufer
Date: Wed, Dec 6, 2017 at 2:16 PM
Subject: Invitation to the opening reception of Audubon’s Last Wilderness Journey: The Viviparous Quadrupeds

Dear Mr. Mouron and Mr. Arader,

I hope this note finds you both doing very well as you prepare for what I hope will be a joyous holiday season.

As you know, JCSM is preparing for the release of the publication entitled Audubon’s Last Wilderness Journey: The Viviparous Quadrupeds in early March 2018. That book launch will coincide with the exhibition of the same title which will be on view January 27- May 6, 2018. Our members’ opening reception for the exhibition is scheduled for Friday evening, January 26th at 6 pm and we would very much like to have both of you join us as our guests.

We truly appreciate the gracious loan of artwork to the exhibition that we have arranged with Arader Galleries as well as Mr. Mouron serving as one of our exhibition sponsors. Thank you so very much.

Please be in touch should you have any questions and once again we are grateful for your assistance with this significant project.

Wishing you all the best in the New Year.

Marilyn Laufer, Director
Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art
Auburn University

Friday, November 24, 2017

The World's Best Speaker on the Merger of Art and Science thanks me for an arranged gift.

Barney Lipscomb

to meEdward

What wonderful news on Thanksgiving Day. Truly a gift to be thankful for and I join our director, Dr. Ed Schneider, in expressing a heart of gratitude.  One immediate opportunity to share these works of art with BRIT visitors would be to display the botanical art in our welcome and reception area. A more dedicated exhibit will be possible when there is an opening in the Madeline R. Samples Exhibit Hall at BRIT.  The Madeline R. Samples Exhibit Hall is the exact spot where BRIT proudly hosted (fall 2012) a unique exhibit of botanical art from the 16th century through the 19th century (thanks to Arader Gallery) and paired with specimens from BRIT’s world-class herbarium and rare book library. Exhibited works included those by Pierre-Joseph Redoute, Georg Dionysisus Ehret, Maria Sibylla Merian, John James Audubon, Jacques LeMoyne, and more. This was truly a rare opportunity to see originals and prints of some outstanding pieces of art which exhibit the hallmarks of art and science.  Graham, that natural history art exhibition still holds the top prize for the most beautiful and inspiring art work ever exhibited at BRIT.  It was an exhibition that looked like something right out of the Kimbell Art Museum. And I haven't forgotten the beautiful Redoute water colors on vellum you loaned for the Redoute exhibition at the Kimbell in 2002-2003.

I'm back on the farm in sw Oklahoma where I spent Thanksgiving with family.  It's a place where I grew up and experienced mother nature in her glory. It's a place where I  see the beautiful night skies filled with billions and billions of stars. Being back home with nature is a beautiful and wonderful reminder of how much I/we need nature and perhaps even more, it's a conscious reminder that we remain part of nature, not apart from it.

Can't wait to see the botanical engravings and lithographs. Seeing natural history works of art can remind anyone of memories and experiences with nature and perhaps inspire greater appreciation and even conservation today. Art has a way of changing the way we see the world and I believe these works of art will inspire visitors and bring  more visitors to BRIT.

Thanks Graham!

Thanksgiving - But you have to know what you truly want first or your "thanks" are flaccid.

How about finding a company to work for?

Who is brightest?  Most cunning?  Richest? Most accessible to someone like you as an employee?  Happiest? The top 100? 500? 1000? employees of Goldman, Microsoft, Oracle, Apple, Amazon or Google?  

The question is what do you want?

Definitely sleeping next to something physically perfect is way up there.   Children are wonderful but a fine, red hot, giving woman is a great prize.  Lots of my friends have achieved this.  However, the cruel downside in many cases is that high intelligence rarely comes with the above so a very high percentage of their children turn out truly dumb.   Ouch.