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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Who gains the most with the insanely complicated conflicts in the Middle East?

Wonder who benefits the most with these conflicts?

Let's see - oil prices go to 100 a barrel if Saudi Arabia starts to lose to Iran in Yemen.  Maybe Saudi Arabia gets invaded.  Then oil goes to 150 a barrel.

All nations of middle east start to fight more and buy more armaments.  Maybe a major oil field or terminal in Saudi Arabia blows up.


High oil prices.  World attention is focused on Middle East.  Huge sales of weapons and nuclear technology.  Attention is diverted from the Ukraine. 

Yep.  Name starts with P and he is loving every second of this.  Who cares about the cry babies in Ukraine now?  And with oil at 150 he can pay his bills again.

He is making fools of the diplomats of the United States and the EU with moves ten steps ahead of everything they say and do..  Maybe he didnt start this (I think he did) but he sure is going to do nothing to stop it.  His skills are humiliating us.  Wish someone tough and smart was President of the United States now.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

why Harvard beat Yale so often.

for Yale athletes we need to invent a special pill - when the pressure is on, it turns your nerves to steel..  all games come down to doubling your focus for the 1% of the game that determines 100% of the result.  Harvard guys pounce on those few moments because at heart they are lazy and dont want to work hard for a full game.  They know that the 1% is all that matters and they eagerly wait for it. 

Yale guys believe in an all out effort 100% of the time.   When those few moments occur that demand the extra effort to win, they are so exhausted that the reality of the situation freezes their hearts. 

this is an ancient malady that all comes down to the chemistry of the mind during those few precious seconds. 

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Women dominating politics is our best hope of survival as a species. A response to the WSJ article of 3.7.15 regarding women in politics

These points are weak even sad compared to the overwhelming fact that no person born has ever come from a man's stomach.  For every person born their mother will be the most important in their lives if they are lucky enough to have one.

This towering aspect of humanity is the key to civilization.  This distinct difference is locked into the DNA of women driving them to cherish their children and the world they live in.   Men decide to love their families. Women have no choice. 

The cancerous growth of recent Muslim culture allows women to be so abused that they are conflicted when it comes time to nurture their sons.  Why love someone who will turn into a monster who will brutalize their gender in later life.  The resulting rage of these Muslim men has been ruining our world for the last 67 years.

For our crowded world to survive the laws of the future will have to recognize that mothers have to be cherished, respected, venerated and protected.  Only a political world with women dominating will insure that this will happen. 

Graham Arader

A response to the WSJ strory of 3/7/2015 that Obama is starting to spend more time with black communities in the south.

Obama cant lead.  He can manager.  He does not understand a budget.

That is ok.  This is a great country and we can overcome these failures in time.

But his unwillingness to show a distinct prejudice toward his own people has been disgraceful up to this point.  The time for being "fair" and evenhanded is OVER.   It is time that he does all he can for blacks.  He can and should give them a feeling of dignity and worth.  It is time for a full dose of his love, understanding and appreciation of the best parts of the many great qualities and accomplishments of blacks in the United States. 

While some may complain about it, the costs to our society of blacks is PART of being an American.  If you dont like it, you should live somewhere else.   It is never going to go away. 

A special boost for blacks in America from the President of the United States is long overdue.