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Thursday, April 28, 2011

There is no such thing as a bargain.

Lots of people are out there who want to pay less than what great material is worth.   Sometimes they are so forceful that they drive weak-minded people like Forbes Smiley to the dark side of thievery.

It stings me because my relationship with these fellows with "stars" over their heads usually ends because it is impossible to beat the price of a competitor who steals his inventory.

The only answer is to write a letter like the one that follows:

Thank you for considering.  Let's keep banging on a way to make me low cost producer legally.  Look forward to your thoughts or a creative counter.

Having put 7 dealers in prison for trying to sell me stolen maps, you can see why "provenance" means so much to me.

See my blog on Fred Musto, a Yale map librarian that got away with a huge theft.  I am still going after him after 10 years!  (Type in Arader Musto into google to find.)  And you can be sure that he will be hounded until he dies or turns himself in because he cannot take the heat I am putting on him everyday.

There is a result that occurs because of this:

The market place puts a value on my fiercely correct business practices and artwork with an "Arader" procenance goes for 50% to 200% more CONSISTENTLY when my name is shown as a previous owner.

Would love to have you as a client and can assure you that you will have a collection that is 100% RIGHT in every way if you deal with me.   As you already know it stings plenty getting tricked.

With me you never have to worry.

Look forward to working something out with you when you feel the time is right.


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  1. I am a writer at Boston Magazine and am writing a story updating the Forbes Smiley case -- looking at what happened to him, what happened to the maps he stole, and how his case changed the world of antique maps. I would love to get your thoughts as well as contacts for other people who might be interested in talking about this. Any of your readers who would like to speak to me can contact me directly at michael@michaelblanding.com