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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cycles never stop moving. Here are two cycles that happened 400 years apart. Spain in the 15th and USA in late 20th
Ferdinand and Isabella = Regan - build military. make country strong.
Charles V = George Bush #1 - let someone else do manufacturing for him. Netherlands for Charles and China for George. Used natural resources taken from others to pay - Charles used Cuzco and Mexico to get gold and silver, George forces Middle East to sell oil cheaply.
Philip II and George Bush II - both religious fanatics, incompetent and dumb with a marginal level of cunning. They destroy integrity of country with foreign adventures. Philip 1588 in England and Netherlands for his whole reign, George II in Iraq. Both ruin the reputations of their countries and allow their brightest, most talented people to pursue worthless pursuits. Spain is run by hidebound grandees only concerned with an idiotic code of honor. USA is filled with stock pickers and currency traders that add no value to their country. Their leaders let their brightest people rot. Each country loses its purpose, direction and integrity as the pursuit of pleasure overwhelms.

Followers of both are even worse. Spain starts a 480 year decline as their military becomes useless. Now it is our turn to weaken.

Manufacturers win - Netherlands dominates 17th century, China the 21st.

Yes, their is a way to stop this cycle for 30 years. And, yes, I would do it if I ran the USA. See if you can guess. I will tell you when I see you next.

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