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Saturday, October 31, 2009


This "problem" was all caused by less than 1000 people who decided that leverage of 30 to 1 was a good way to run their banks, funds, investment houses. The naked hated they had for each other developed because they all kept cutting their margins to stay in the game. These feelings were deep, growing stronger with each passing quarter where there "results" would be posted for the world to see. So making a wonderful profit left them listless if they were beaten causing them to take even greater risks.

So all the words used to "explain" what happened do not speak to the basic fact that these 1000 people were fighting over a "zero sum" pot of cash that was doing virtually nothing for the good of the people of the United States.

On the whole this group of 1000 people were addicts to this process that provided exhilarating hourly stimulation 5.5 days a week that came from gambling with 30 times their net worth of the firms where they were working.
In their obsession with this massive, exciting casino they lost sight of the basic values of caring for ones family, community, city and country. They cheated on their taxes by running their businesses off shore and have a terrible record practicing any form of humanity with very few exceptions.

Dont think for one second that the American people have not figured this out. Go out to the middle of this country where people pay their taxes, stay with their families and create products that we really need and use and anyone with a brain is happy to tell me that people from Goldman Sachs engineered the brutal extermination of virtually all of their competition when given the opportunity. Giving a day by day accounting of the events means nothing compared to the underlying subconscious revulsion they had for their competition brought about by daily battles fought without ethics or morality or any thoughts of making the United States a better place.

While our best minds in this country have wasted their lives addicted to this form of gambling, China, India, Koren, Japan have focused on making products that people can use. This foresight gives them every right to have a far better standard of living. And ours is definitely going to fall because our best minds have turned inward titillating themselves starring at a screen with meaningless numbers flying across it every second.

What a tragedy to have wasted so much.

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