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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Yes. It is brilliant that Goldman was able to "work" their friends in the US Government to make sure that AIG paid the insurance claims due Goldman using funds from the citizens of the United States. But it was "Nobel Prize Super Genius" that they "borrowed" 5 billion dollars from Buffet at an outrageous rate to muzzle the most respected commentator on our American Financial System. No more do we hear from him that investment bankers are overpaid. It used to be mentioned by him all the time.

This game played by Goldman to protect their 100 year record of risk free trading is not against the law. But it is wrong. These brilliant men and women should be MAKING prodcuts that Americans can use not using their minds to abritrage $5,000,000 bonuses while the rest of this country suffers because our best minds have become addicted to trading.

Graham Arader

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