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Thursday, January 14, 2010


Just tax the symptoms of the trading addiction that caused this mess. Drive our brightest minds away from this wasted exercise by taxing 90% of their profits and dont allow any of the trades to be booked off shore by US citizens.

Drive our brightest minds to do what the Chinese and Indians' brightest minds are doing - leading people to make things that our citizens really can use to make their lives better.

The root cause of this is that raising a family and being a contributing member of society is boring compared to the intense thrill of a 2 billion dollar trade every hour. Maybe racing a car at 200 miles an hour on a track is close or a date with a supremely beautiful woman, but in the end gambling with billions of dollars every minute of every day makes all the pain of a not so great childhood just go away. If you want to intensely change the chemical mix in your brain gambling with massive amount of money beats just about everything else both legal and illegal. It makes a trip to Las Vegas look like a game of "go fish" in comparison.

So if our best minds want to waste their lives gambling, let them. Just force them to recognize what they are truly doing and tax them very aggressively for it because it sure does the people of the United States no good.

You should see the way that Chinese curl their lips in disgust when this subject comes up. It is a national embarrassment that we allow this to happen. No wonder they dont respect us. Their government would never let this happen.

Here is where Congress can actually do something very positive for the United States. It would be a relatively easy law to enact.

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