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Friday, January 22, 2010


The money earned from trading is also an excuse for bankers / traders to brutally and cruelly ignore their families, communities and friends because of the powerful addictive properties of trading that lasts from early Sunday evening when trading starts to late Friday afternoon when it finally ceases.

And what happens when an addict is told they may have their stimulant / drug taken from them? They fight with fury to stop that from happening. Expect rage if this group is told they will be segregated and exposed.

Bankers used to be the pillars of our society. They were actively involved with their communities and were known and respected by their fellow movers and shakers. And that is still true for some bankers today in smaller communities in the United States. But MANY have become enslaved starring into a box with numbers flying across a screen constantly titillating them. And, of course, this gives them every reason and excuse to ignore the world around them ruining their lives and the lives of people that love and need them.

This activity is something that our Congress should tax at the highest rate just like smoking, gambling and alcohol which are not nearly as damaging to our society. Our brightest minds are being lost to trading which does nothing to help our country. Anyone who smokes, drinks or sits in front of a slot machine cant be very bright with the facts about the damage caused so widely available. Trading successfully on the other hand requires considerable intelligence and nerve but all the same traps and addicts its victims into useless, unproductive lives just like being a drunk or a gambler. But trading is not viewed as a vice to the extent that the above named vices are. That process is starting with our President's new proposal.

Congress and the President are wise to segregate traders into separate business groups so that they can be identified and taxed appropriately. The new "Scarlett letter" will now stand for Arbitrage rather than Adultery.

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