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Monday, January 25, 2010


What Democrats do best is change the tax laws to head the country in new directions. We all want our beautiful President to be a success and a winner. For the world to see him thrive and succeed the United States will regain its reputation. Let us hope he can stand firm now and make some real changes that drive our best minds to build real value for all of us.

If taxes are lowered to 10% for people manufacturing actual goods that the American people use, unemployment will end and our country will win back its respectability.

Lets raise taxes for people whose activity does nothing for this country. The idea would be to drive them out of this country to London whose economy has already been ruined by traders, bankers, money managers and hedge fund manipulators. These super bright, gifted men and women cursed with narcissism and insatiable greed - a failure to thrive - have lured away our smartest young people from responsible employment with offers of outrageously high compensation. If high taxes and outlawing offshore trading and money parking for all American citizens drives these scoundrels out of the United States, we will be better off.

Off shore bank accounts were created to encourage development in the Caribbean. They have done some good but not nearly enough to outweigh the tax avoidance and cheating that is currently going on. It is time to end this farce that is used only by the very rich to avoid taxes. Everyone with a brain knows it is going on but no one has the courage to face it and kill it. It is corrupting our brightest minds by giving them a LEGAL way to not pay their fair share. So it rots them. There is not a single socially redeemable reason for off shore banking other than giving employment to a few underprivileged natives of the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands. And they are not even US citizens!!!!!

This is a win - win - win for the American people - The working man sees that he paying his fair share - super bright people consider employment that helps this country - and incurable traders leave the US with their trophy wives, squash rackets and massage tables.

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