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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


This is a waste of time.

The great bankers of the last 500 years have helped businesses form and grow and thrive. People like J. P. Morgan helped create the Industrial growth of America. He must be spinning in his grave to see the gambling dens his great creations have become. There is no question in my mind that he never would have put up with this level of leveraging when he was in charge. It would have been an immediate firing offense.

Now these so called bankers are addicted to the chemical change that occurs in their brain when they take risks - risks that do no good for the people of the United States whether they are right or wrong on their bet. It is NO different from the high that comes from drugs, alcohol, gambling, seeing a great work of art, going to a movie and sex except that it risks the stability of the United States.

The expression that these banks were "too big to fail" is the work of a brilliant public relations firm. It is ridiculous. It would have been wonderful for the people of this country if all these trading addicts failed and left this country to live somewhere else.

We had an opportunity to get rid of all of them and lost it.

Now Congress is crying over something that happened in the past when they could be changing the laws to make bankers do what they used to do - lend money to people who create jobs that help all of us. It is a precious opportunity that will not last very much longer.

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