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Sunday, January 10, 2010


Just tax trading and banking bonuses at 90% and let the banks give bonuses as big as they want. As long as the American people get back 90%, there should be no complaints from anyone who isn't a trader.

Traders know they do little or nothing for the good of this country. They also book most of their profits off shore avoiding taxes. There may be a little resistance from them to a 90% tax on trading profits. The smart traders will pay PR firms to say that this tax will drive this "skilled" group out of the USA. So, what? What they do doesn't help anyone but themselves. Good riddance.

Let's reward outstanding manufacturers with a tax of 10% on their profits. Let's attract people like that into the United States and let them create jobs for our workforce that is 10% unemployed right now. Let the tax cheating traders live somewhere else. Good riddance.

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