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Friday, January 8, 2010


All this trading and swapping and bailing out do nothing for the American people. Why waste time examining something that has already been done and that cant ever be reversed. Our brightest, most powerful minds have become addicted to trading because it is easy money and does not require being a contributing member of society. A trader can hole up in front of his screen, hide his profits off shore and lead a completely useless life paying no taxes and helping no one while living in the greatest country in the world. Of course they were able to persuade a weak minded Geithner to give them a bail out. But being simple minded is not a crime. Geithner's punishment is that he will know to his dying day that he was snookered by people with stronger minds who beat him out of a trillion dollars. A tax of 90% on trading profits would stop the waste of our brilliant minds in the USA.

These obsessed traders are the super talented minds that SHOULD be creating jobs starting businesses that would employ our out of work Americans. If we tax them brutally for the easy profits they make trading and reduce the tax to 10% for actual profits from manufacturing, our problems would be solved in a matter of years.

In the end we still have the most powerful military the world has ever known. We can bully our way out of this jam to some extent but it is a dumb short term solution. My guess that is what we will do. Why else would Putin be working with us so much more closely now that our missiles in Poland are no longer pointed at him. Together the USA and Russia will find a way to tax our Arab suppliers by working together to reduce our debt. That is the secret deal that should be examined.

We still also have the best schools, resorts, doctors, roads, natural beauty in the world. Your neighbor 10 years from now is going to be from some other country for sure if we dont create value from inside this country. It will come from outside instead as it always had been when the divergence in our standard of living was too much. Brutally taxing our brightest people for wasting their minds on obsessive behavior is the solution. Going after the symptoms does not help the root cause of our horrible waste of the last 60 years.

Graham Arader

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