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Sunday, February 7, 2010


Moody's is crazy. The CEO and board should all be fired for even suggesting something like this. No, better yet, they should all be committed. Not only are they missing the obvious, they are are exhibiting madness for questioning the obvious.

Who do they think makes the rules? The President and the Secretary of Treasury make the rules. As long as the US has a stronger military than the rest of the world combined, the rest of the world has to eat what the President serves up. If he says our rating is triple A or purple polka dot with jimmies on top, then that is what it is.

That is the way it has worked across in so called "economies" for the last 10,000 years. The strongest nation makes the rules.

We have nothing to worry about regarding the strength of our "rating." We can say our rating is whatever we want it to be.

It's amazing - a guy from Kenya and a tax cheat can be just like the emperor with no clothes. They can parade before the world completely naked and the rest of the world will applaud as long as our military can drop a missile down any chimney in the world.

The citizens of this country are amazingly lucky that we not only have most of the marbles but also determine what all the marbles are worth. 300 million people in the US over 6.5 billion in the world. Let us be thankful that this amazing charade continues. Every day that we live here should be considered a spectacular gift from the Gods.

What amazing lives we have all had on the backs of the labor of the rest of the world.

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