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Monday, February 1, 2010


It doesn't matter what percent of profits comes from trading. What matters is that trading is very distracting for ALL members of the banking hierarchy because of its addictive properties. They become hypnotized by chasing numbers flying across a screen or monitoring their co workers chasing numbers flying across a screen ignoring people and their needs. They become slaves to the screen and miss the beauty of the world around them. For all but a few advanced sociopaths this creates feelings of self hatred that result in self destructive tendencies. This means that their subconscious drives them towards finding a way to get free of the control this process has over their lives. So they leverage up and destroy themselves and the company they work for.

Bankers used to be advisers who would get involved in your business and fight for your success. Or they would help you buy your home with a mortgage and keen an eye on your lifestyle to make sure that you lived within your means. Let's bring those bankers back to the mainstream of American life by removing the distractions of gambling with futures and derivatives by taxing profit made that way at the 90% rate.

It is the intensive distraction of the game starting at 5 pm on Sunday evening that lasts till 4 pm Friday afternoon that is hurting the United States.

Men spend 30, 40, 50 years glued to this game ruining their lives and those around them. Their concern for the growth of American business is non existent. They are addicts.

Bankers should be bankers in the old sense of the word and should be taxed at the 10% rate when the people they are lending to live or work within a 50 mile radius. They should be required to visit the homes of their clients once a year.

There is absolutely no connection at all between old fashioned banking and trading.

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