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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Here is the screenplay for "The Sting - Part II" for 2008-10 but it is so far fetched to ever be accepted:

1. 10,000,000 traders but only 50 make real money year in and year out for over 60 years. Pan to sons and daughters wondering why their fathers make love to a screen rather than play with them.

2. Things go horribly wrong with a derivative that does not pay when it should for one prominent member of the select 50 who never lose.

3. Goldman partners both present and past wipe out their competition since WWII once and for all by changing the rules in their favor and then continue to make 50m a day in trading profits effectively silencing the Oracle of Omaha - the known adviser to the President - selling him their stock at a bargain price with a guaranteed return. All returns to normal except the next supply of trading suckers is no where to be found.

4. Then US Attorneys (all hoping to be Goldman partners someday) hammer Galleon for insider trading to lure another group of suckers into the trading game making them think that trading is a level, fair, honest playing field.

5. Head of the Fed and Secretary of Treasury argue convincingly to make their departments independent of government interference so that the next time there is a boo boo rules can be changed to protect the insiders again.

No director would ever make this movie. It could never happen. How could 10,000,000 people be so stupid for 60 years.

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