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Sunday, March 28, 2010


This is a silly article - no one except bloated Arab oil Sheiks want to stop the pirates. The pirates are a small part of a big plan still secret to redirect the flow of cash to the United States and Russia from the Middle East oil nations.

As the wealth of the world is flowing into the hands of fundamental Muslim lunatics looking to destroy our way of life, it is only a matter of time before the US and Russia find a way to "tax" oil coming out of the Middle East.

Russia and the US have made a secret deal that consists of four points.

1. Take down US missiles pointed at Russia in Chezh Republic and Poland. It makes Putin crazy and we have rightly backed down. It is dumb to brutally threaten a country that should be our friend.

2. Give US use of Russian airspace in Afghan War and as much other help as possible.

3. Russian support of the US in shutting down Iran's obvious aggression.

4. Creatively reverse the accumulation of Muslim cash that funds the destabilization of our amazing and splendid way of life.

It is happening and dumb articles like this are playing into the hands of the US and Russian governments plan to charge of some kind of fee with a silly name yet to be made up to "protect" their so called Arab friends. Already we stick them with our useless military early generation hardware for outrageous sums. There will be other "fees" tacked on in the coming months.

I'll bet the reporter for this story was fed his lines by the US government. What a dummy. There is no way that the Somali government is ever to get any support from the US to shut down Somali pirates. They want the Somali Navy to stay weak.

The tragedy is that we are going to continue our way of life because we and Russia working together can kill the rest of the world with the greatest military hardware imaginable rather than out produce the rest of the world with goods that make the world a better place.

Hey! I'll take it. I have seven children and want them to lead the good life we have had in the US since the end of WWII.

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