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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Of course bankers are fighting this with great fury.

They are about to lose a form of gambling where they own the casino. They are addicted to the process, think they understand it and have no problem with wasting their entire lives and the lives of the wonderfully bright people they suck into this pursuit that does virtually nothing to benefit this still great country of ours.

Congress is suggesting that Bankers go cold turkey on an addiction that some of them have had for over fifty years. Be certain that these so called bankers will SAY anything to keep getting their hourly fix that is no different than a heroin addict's.

Will Congress be a tough handler of these obsessed men? My guess is yes. The damage these gamblers have done is obvious.

The middle of this country will revolt if they don't see Congress stamp this sickness out. It is the middle of this country that will pay for this bailout. They will pay as our government inflates the value of a dollar to pay off its massive debt. But in doing so pensions from manufacturing, farming and industry will shrivel in purchasing power. If nothing is done to stop this virus in our midst people will need a scapegoat when their monthly check wont by a loaf of bread.

It happened in Germany in 1933-4 and it will happen here.

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