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Monday, July 5, 2010


Putin, Clinton and Obama could care less about Georgia. This "reassurance" to the Georgians is just a diversion to keep the attention away from the real play.

What Putin, Hillary and Obama do care about is the destabliization of the world caused by the insane amount of cash going for oil to people who have a 1300 year history of eliminating non believers.

The secret deal all three of them have made is to take the oil away from the Middle East. Those are the nations that should be worrying about "reassurance."

They are ruining our wonderful way of life and lowering our incredible standard of living.

Time is up for these nations with priorities that leave the citizens of the US and Russia out in the cold literally.

They are the ones that should be begging Hillary for reassurance. Their "new" cities will be ghost towns in ten years.

What a short!

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