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Friday, August 20, 2010

ArmsdealerIn Thai Jail

What a ridiculous story. What makes you reporters think you are anything but pawns of the government in printing this dreck. Did you check ANY of your sources? Shame on you. You are working for the finest newspaper in the world in the greatest country in world history. Your readers deserve more than using a copy machine from a government press release to write this story.

Consider this senario - some people in Congress and the CIA dont like the fact that Russia and the United States are working to reduce the insane amounts that are being spent on our weapons systems and the CIA. The fact is that we just dont have the money anymore to do this. Is it something to be proud of that we have spent our God given fortune on systems that can easily kill the rest of the world while our children dont get educations and are hungry. Putin wants to feed his people and could care less that he can destroy the world 50 times instead of 100 times.

Of course some weapons industries and government agencies are going to fight to create as much tension as possible so they look for ways to make the Russians be the enemies to keep their budgets in Congress.

This horrid little man in a Thai jail is being used to justify a nasty front page jab at Russia.

You are being played. Do your due diligence. Do your job. You have insulted the people who trained and taught you with a story like this.

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