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Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Sheet Of Glass

Give me a break - re the 39 billion sale of Jets to Saudi Arabia.

Does anyone seriously think these jets will function if they are used for anything that would even slightly annoy the US. What a joke.

What really is happening is that the Saudi's know they have to give the US some serious cash or we will close them down. After all the Saudi state is just a small accumulation of some really fat guys that live on Yachts in the Mediterranean - maybe about 1000 guys who have become insanely rich because they have won the genetic roll of the dice. Do the math. The core of them make Buffet and Gates look like paupers.

This is just a civilized way that they are subtly paying us off for allowing them to accumulate a vast proportion of cash in the world.

In the end the world knows we can kill anyone so they pay us off so we dont make them a sheet of glass. As long as we can do this the standard of living for 350 million Americans will not fall and our current systems of government will survive.

Ready for a prediction?

Our partner in world subjugation is Russia. They have the only other serious military. With the drought now causing riots in Russia some kind of payoff from the Middle East is coming to Russia so that Putin can keep up the standard of living for his people. My guess is that something serious will have to happen in 30 days or less. None of my predictions have been wrong up till now and there is no way that Putin is not going to want some of the Saudi pie.

So in effect the oil in the ground in Saudi Arabia is under the control of the US and Russia.

So next time you see a soldier give him a hug. They are protecting your standard of living.

I love this country but I wish we could have our power because we make things that the world actually needs for better lives. Fear from over 6 billion people in the rest of the world does not seem to be a great plan.

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