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Sunday, August 8, 2010

If there is no secret deal of cooperation between Russia and the US explain why

1. We took down our missiles in the Czech Republic and Poland pointed at Russia a year ago? We had 30 billion invested in this. Now it is gone.

2. The Russians allow us to use their airspace on trips to and from Afghanistan. They also are doing anything else they can to help us with logistics in that war.

3. NONE of their Navy has done anything to stop piracy in the Middle East just like we do.

4. The recent spy issue was resolved in record time. In fact all it did was help the movie "Salt" in the ratings.

Putin has a huge population to take care of. His feeling for the United States requires that he work with us to control Middle Eastern oil.

He may not WANT to be our fiend but he is getting a lot more trouble from the Muslims in his country. He made a choice to go after the greater problem years ago.

Your views are 10 years out of date at best.

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