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Thursday, September 16, 2010


The existence of this structure is a disgrace to the legal system of the United States and you have completely missed the point in your Wall Street Journal article.

This is a structure that only came about because Skip Hayward used political gifts to persuade Congress to con and cheat the American people by creating a casino owned by so called Native Americans that were killed more than 140 years before the United States was founded!!!!!

These so called tribal members are all out of ghettos in New London and are gross, selfish, overweight, illiterate slobs who have fallen into a lucky break of having a tiny percentage of their blood being from the Pequot tribe that was wiped out in 1637. There is NOTHING Native American about them at all. They are lucky blacks who have no feeling for their fellow blacks that they grew up with.

It is absolutely NOT an Indian tribe and these phony's do nothing to give back to their black communities from which they came. They are hated and despised by the very people still in New London ghettos that they should be helping. They are blacks who got lucky - incredibly lucky.

Thomas is a fast talking con artist who finally has come up against the reality that bankers are no longer willing to put up with his lies and outright stupidity.

The members of the so called "Pequot Tribe" have squandered the vast chances they have been given to truly help blacks in their region and their complete lack of humanity for the people they should be helping is a disgrace. Since they have been in existence, they have been given well over 10 billion dollars as a result of our "system" in the US and have spent it all on themselves. They have no guilt, no shame and no honor for this outrageous behavior that now casts this whole system created by Congress as a travesty.

And, of course, this casino has poisoned the people of this region driving them to waste vast amount of money in a so called "sport" that has no redeeming values whatsoever.

You story is pathetic. Why don't you write something that hits the true point of what really is going on.

You have completely missed the point of what really happened and what is happening now.

Shame on you for being lazy and for having no courage to speak the obvious truth that is already well known to the community already.

The fact is that our treatment of Native Americans is in a league with what was done by Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot. We broke ALL of our treaties with Native Americans stealing their land and infecting them with Small Pox, Syphilis, alcohol, Christianity and gunpowder. And, yes, we owe their descendants for these events but giving over 10 billion dollars to less than 400 blacks from New London with a minuscule connection to these people is an incredibly stupid waste of assets of this great country of ours.

The REAL story that would win you a Pulitzer would be how Skip Hayward pulled this off and how this money is being wasted on people who have no concerns for anyone but themselves.


Graham Arader

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