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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


What a wonderful country we live in - that a society would allow me to acquire so many icons and protect me, teach my children, allow so many wonderful colleges to exist and on and on and on - even down to the fact that I can turn a lever and get as much water as I want - but it all depends on faith in the rest of the world in our standard of measure. That is what holds all of this together. When that failed in 1933-4 in Germany, the horrors started.

That is why Buffet and Gates are trying to get all the billionaires to give away 50% of their net worth. Its not the hoarding of the standard of measure that matters. It is the belief that the standard of measure matters. No point in hoarding cash if no one believes in it. So give away 50% to make the remaining 50% real. They get it. It is JUST a perception.

The best image of this were those angry beat upon blacks shooting from the rooftops of a flooded New Orleans. With a perception that there were no standards, the rage took over.

What we have is so precious. A miracle.

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