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Friday, October 8, 2010

Nobel Peace Prize

As the standards of living precipitously decline in the so called 'industrialized' countries of the world and the standard of living gets better in China OF COURSE there is going to be tension.

None of this recent Norwegian pricking is about free speech, or human rights or any aspects of humanity. It is about life getting better in China and worse in Europe and the United States.

Of course the divide between these two regions is still vast. Who in their right mind would like to live in industrialized China right now with levels of pollution and poverty unknown in the USA/Europe communities?

But still you can depend on the Western powers to fight not to give up even the slightest aspects of our cushy lives where all we do is trade, write software, make movies, take drugs and build a jet liner or two.

And are the Western powers going to be able to get away with this massive divide between the standards of living even though we produce little of value compared to the Chinese?

The answer is yes because our military hardware and our ability to use it is vastly better than China's. It is the one thing the USA does much better than any other country in history.

So China is just going to have to suck it up and put up with a shortened life span for their people and a lower standard of living than they deserve because we can kill them all by flipping a few switches or as the CIA likes to say "we can make them a sheet of glass."

Hey. I love this since I live in the USA and am living an incredible life. I pray that things stay wonderful here in the greatest country in the world.

BUT, I am realistic enough to know that the Chinese must be seething because of this imbalance and every time I come in contact with one I am going to be as friendly and accommodating as possible. We are lucky that their 1.4 billion people are working their fingers to the bone to fill our WALMART stores with the worthless junk that we love to consume. Meanwhile we give them cash that we have every intention of inflating to be worthless over the next decade.

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