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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Starring Jim Folsom

Here is the cool part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a secretary call to make an appointment giving Jim only 45 minutes notice. The reason for this is that I wanted to walk on the beach in Santa Monica, but Josephine wanted to see the gardens because we had visited there about three months ago on a Tuesday not knowing it would be closed. So my partner, Alison, called up and spoke to a secretary who said he had 45 minutes to see me, gave my phone number and left it at that. I NEVER expected to see him of course assuming he was immersed in his work.

To my absolute shock he then calls me just I am driving in the front gate, meets me and we start talking about prunning techniques while he drives me around in his van. Of course, this is a HUGE blast because he is teaching me SO much. The Chinese garden is INSANE. That was the best part by far.

THEN, THEN, THEN - After 5 minutes he asks me my name!!! He didnt even know who I was Amy. He was just being a GREAT, WONDERFUL, LOVING human being taking around someone that he thought was a complete stranger!!!!! My brain was about to explode. How can anyone be so cool.

When I said I was "Graham Arader," he said "WOW, so you are Graham Arader - the one with the collection of watercolors? How did you ever do that?"

This guy loves the Huntington so much that he was willing to drive around someone he didnt even know and give a personal tour. This is the ultimate of being a superstar. I am SO his slave for life that he is so true, genuine, passionate, cool. No wonder he is so successful. He is the real thing. And to be this enthusiastic after 26 years. The next bronze the Huntington buys should be of Jim Folsom. It should be 12 feet high and put in the middle of the front lawn. No wonder you loved this place so much. Something like that would NEVER happen on the East Coast or anywhere else for that matter.

Thank you for hooking me up. It was a great day.

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