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Monday, November 22, 2010


Thank you also for expressing interest in developing a plan to have original engravings, woodcuts, lithographs, watercolors and aquatints available for students in your library for the study of the illustration of natural history with an emphasis on the work of Linnaeus.

At the present time there are no full professors anywhere in the world for the study of this subject. It is my strong feeling that once students learn in considerable detail about the natural history of our planet, they will fight passionately to protect all living things. Once they appreciate the art and illustration of our world, they will want very much to keep it stable.

The endowment of a full professorship runs about $3,000,000 and it is my goal to create a syllabus for this discipline using established scholars to lead the way and establish academic programs at the highest levels of scholarship and discipline. I will not be part of this selection and development process because I know very little about it. So I will be trusting them to do this with me raising the money for the program as my sole responsibility.

What I CAN do is find institutions that will develop collections of original material for professors to use in their courses. My goal is to raise money to build those programs going to donors outside the donor base of those institutions. It is hard but in the last 30 years I have been able to raise about $60,000,000. So I know this procedure works and that it is possible.

Dealing in the art of the natural world has been my life's work for the last 40 years. My strongest motivation for this project is to create a much higher degree of regard for this art form in our nations Universities and Institutions.

I have successfully developed programs with the following institutions and their directors. They are getting this e mail along with you and will know that you will be contacting them so that you can do full and comprehensive due diligence.

1. Dr. Jefferson Chapman, McClung Museum at the University of Tennessee, 1327 Circle Park Drive, Knoxville, TN, 37996.

2. Dr. Rebecca Martin Nagy, University of Florida, Harn Museum of Art, PO Box 112700, Gainsville, FL, 32611. 352 392 9826.

3. Linda Miller, Director of Collections and Research, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, Santa Barbara CA, 93105. 805-682-4711

4. Dr. Michael S. Brophy, President, Marymount College, 30800 Palos Verdes East, Ranchos Palos Verdes, CA, 90275. 310 303 7200.

5. Dr. Erik O. Nielsen, President, Franklin College, Via Pointe Tresa 29, Sorengo, 6924 (Lugano) Switzerland. 011 41 91 9852 268 or 280.

Thank you for your consideration of this request. I know that your time is valuable and certainly do not expect a speedy response. Normally it takes about 12 months to put a process like this in place.

This letter will be sent to you by regular mail as well along with the legal contacts of my agreements with these institutions so that you will have a template available to you to show your administration should you decide to go forward.

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