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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Chinese Towns In USA Soon

Here is what we DO have:

Quite a few Stealth Bombers at 2.1B each, aircraft carriers and eye in the sky capacity to kill anyone if we want. So in the end the rest of the world has to suck us off. We have devoted our resources and in house manufacturing to making things that kill lots of people really well. So we may "say" that we want free trade and that we want to be fair and good and sweet but behind the scenes we make the Saudi's buy our used jets (82b three months ago) that dont work anymore to balance our trade. We dont REALLY give them a choice.

There is nothing to worry about as long as we are stronger than the rest of the world combined. They have to eat our "line of reasoning" so we can keep our standard of living.

That is what really is happening.

In the end Lester Crown and a few other weapons manufacturers are the most powerful people in America because they make the things that put us in this position.

China wants to catch up but it is going to take a while - at least until I am dead.

What the RICH Chinese will do with our dollars is buy our real estate to get their children and grandchildren away from their horribly polluted country. That is why we should buy Medway and as much southern land as well can including your father's land if we can. Then build gook cities JUST for them in the US with Chinese food, schools, gyms etc. This is a five trillion dollar business. I told your friend this three years ago. I am 100% right about this but I am burned out. Too old and playing with my children and art is too much fun. I have enough.

The rich, resourceful Chinese are coming to live here in our beautiful country with the best Universities, Hospitals, Golf Courses, sports teams, rule of law, Roads, Yachts, Doctors and retirement homes. And they think we stink so they are going to want to live away from us in segregated communities.

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