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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Here is all that matters for the success of ANY antiques business - get into people's home, get into people's homes, get into people's homes, get into people's homes, get into people's homes. Do whatever it takes and get into the homes of your clients. This is 90% of the way that ANY high end selling has to be run.

Most of you have in your existing database enough names already to be the greatest dealer of all time. You just have to learn how to use it to get into your client's home or their office.

You can sell dixie cups of vomit if you can get into people's homes. There is nothing to be excited about from any good antiques success story unless it provides an incentive for people to invite the subject of the story into their home.

One GREAT way to do that now is to use the internet wisely. But you have to follow up on the leads you are getting by bringing the artwork or antiques to their homes rather than sending them to their homes. Of course you only do this IF they check out on a database search of their net worth.

Why do you think that the airports of full of business travellers ?????????????????????????????????????????????

It is people flying around doing whatever it takes to SEE their clients and potential clients because in the end we ALL still love the intensity of someone that cares enough to make a pitch IN PERSON. The actual vision, touch, smell intensity of a personal visit is the most important thing in any sale.

What could be more ridiculous than the concept of a handshare. But in the end it gives us ALL the opportunity to touch the person we are interacting with. And that is HUGE. It is worth flying half way across the world just for that.

The internet is key because it is SO SO cheap to use. But it is only a tool to get into people's homes!!!!!

Hope this is clear.

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