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Monday, January 10, 2011


Is Goldman really going to 'OPEN UP'

What about offshore tax schemes????????????? It that going to be revealed.

This is the way that Goldman partners and their clients delay and avoid paying their fair share of taxes. In the end using these ploys allows them to virtually pay the taxes that they feel like paying and not one penny more.

This is the rotten underbelly of the so called wealth management teams and their clients in the United States. The amateurs at UBS have been caught and closed down. But Goldman people do it better - far, far, far better and have not been "caught."

Until the rich lose this ability to make their income disappear this inequity makes a mockery of the rule of law in the United States. Everyone with a brain knows what is going on and it is rotting out our great country because the unfairness is so blatantly obvious. It cruelly saps the incentive of the rest of us to obey the law.

Goldman is helping their clients beat the system and it stinks. No one has said anything about this. No one is bringing it up. And nothing is going to be done because it is so huge and so many people are doing it. It would balance our budget in three years. It would give faith to the middle class that the rich were paying their fair share and it would reduce taxes for everyone that is not "sheltering" their income.

Of course I could have done it. Hundreds of people have offered this construct to me over the last 30 years but the prospect of dealing with the nasty, horrid, creepy people selling these plans was more unattractive than just paying my fair share. So I never opened up an offshore account.

Let's see if Goldman opens up on the plans that their brilliant manipulators have created for their clients to cheat the American people out of taxes that otherwise would have been collected. This is their greatest crime.

Graham Arader

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