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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Chinese Stealth Bomber - my comment on an article written in the WSJ about the threat of the Chinese Stealth Bomber

This is just another story written by an unsuspecting Wall Street Journal hack who actually believes the "information" being fed to him by the PR agents of defense industry of the United States. They lose their jobs if their scare tactics dont keep generating 500b a year for their bosses in weapons manufacture.

The cost of just one of these bombers is three times the budget of the Library of Congress. But the weaklings running LC dont have the skill, intelligence or moral courage to fight for what it right. Shame on them. Our children are the losers that this manipulation is allowed to continue.

Russia no longer can be used to scare us. Arabs may have money but lack intelligence. So the role of bad guy devolves to the Chinese which is ridiculous. All the Chinese want is to survive in a land now without clean water, clean air and basic food production. They could care less about attacking the United States or anyone else for that matter. Making them the "bad guy" in a cold war is shameful.

Five hundred years from now the disgrace of the period from 1900 to 2011 will be that we wasted our precious resources all over the world to bend our best minds to make weapons that did no one any good.

Shame on the defense industry for cheating us all out of better lives for well over a century. What a curse they have been to humanity.

But shame on us for listening to and believing these testostorone riddled madmen. What greatness we could have acheived without this monstrous waste.

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