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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Monumental Greed, Unspeakable Rage Followed with a Sprinkling of Bullshit.

The gross inbalance of the distribution of wealth from oil in the Middle East speaks distinctly to the failure of Islamic principals when applied in government.

The reason for this is that women hate the enviornment they are in and do a poor job of raising their sons. While they naturally love their sons, mothers see all men as continuing a way of life that is a horror for all women. So there is a distinct component of anger and hate in their feelings towards their sons as well.

The rage now in the hearts of all these men makes it now possible for the ones in positions of power to amass vast wealth without any understanding that they are acting compulsively. They act this way to cover up facing their unspeakable rage at being raised in homes with little or no love.

So they are blind to the suffering of the people around them. They use the pursuit of vast amounts of our standards of measure to distract themselves from facing the painful events of their youth. And it is also an explanation as to why it is so easy for us to sell them our weapons - even though they are mostly out of date. A big arsenal can be very soothing to someone whose own mother has mixed feelings about him.

The vast imbalance of the distribution of wealth finally is resulting in the people of the middle east revolting. It is a shock to me that it has taken this long because their lives have truly been horrible and the imbalance is truly monumental.

The bullshit is that social media is taking the credit for these revolutions saying that it facilitates action. That is not true. What facilitates action is the suffering of 99% of the population that has nothing worth living for and are willing to die to bring about even the slightest change.

There is nothing that enrages someone more than seeing that their children have no good future. That is why this is happening not because some geek in Palo Alto invented some cute communications code.

What will be the result of all these revolutions in countries where there is oil wealth?????????????????????

A distinct fact in coming up with the answer is that the CIA has been 90% concerned with the supply of oil to the people of the United States since its founding. And the US is by far the strongest country in the world. So the good news for the USA is that some very, very, very bright people with a lot of power are doing everything they can to keep up our standard of living in this wonderful country of ours.

In the end there is no way that we are going to give up the flow of energy. If forms of government arise in the middle east that disrupts our way of life, we will use force to keep our status quo.

While there are flaws in our democratic society, our model works so much better than any other form that it seems inevitable that democracy will spread. And in our democratic society it is against the law to discriminate against women or to create workplace enviornments that harm or damage them. Until Islamic rulers can figure out a way to treat mothers better, they are doomed to failure. Their societies will be rotten with gross imbalances and that is why they will fail not because of twitter and facebook and iphones.

Anyone who is a citizen of the United States is lucky as can be. It is amazing how well our form of government works.

While there is certainly waste in government it is much less than in any other system.

That is why my prediction is that our standard of living will not fall. No matter what happens we are all more efficient and will be better managers.

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