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Sunday, February 6, 2011


The rulers of the nation of Saudi Arabia have set up a society that hates us so much that 17 of the 19 bombers of the 9/11 disaster came from their Kingdom.

They allow women to be abused and humilitated so that they hate the sons that they know will grow up to continue the cycle. As a result the sons of frustrated Saudi mothers grow into enraged men willing to take on causes that threaten our way of life.

Since this construct is Saudi Government policy, they should pay the United States the cost of the TSA. 40,0000 workers probably cost 2 billion a year with overhead associated with that in the range of another 7 billion for a total of 9 billion. They are the reason for this and they should pay us in return for their security.

Then we can spend that money to teach our children and compete with the rest of the world that doesnt have to put up with this burden to the extent that we do.

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