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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why Henry Collot's atlas is later. It was not an accident.

The POINT of Henry Collot's altas of America is that it IS late. What was happening in France between 1789 and 1871 was intense. Regicide, the Republic, the Terror, Napoleon, restoration of the Bourbons, then Napoleon's line and then the Germans crushed them. When you know those dates by heart and can recite WHO was in control, then you are a true dealer in Americana. Knowing what was happening in France is KEY to understanding why 1815 was such a key date for Americans and WHY the prime meridian was set at Philadelphia and then Washington and then finally to London.

There ALWAYS is a reason. It is not just chance.

Printing books on time about America was out of the question in Napoleonic France. He was sending 9 year old boys to the front during his last five years in power. But that is the POINT. WHY Collot is so late is the key to selling this book.

But I have it priced at $450,000 so the key is also finding someone to buy it!

It was like being in Hanoi during the Vietnam War. Only essentials were taken care of.

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