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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Are you good at groaning?

The greatest tragedy in the United States today is that doctors are willing to suffer in silence year after year.

There are about 900,000 of them working in our country taking care of 350,000,000 of us.  Do the math - that means they are going to have 400 patient each.  That is impossible.  ABSOLUTELY impossible.  

But because they are too good or proud or dumb or frightened or unsophisticated to complain in one voice, they have seen their earning power, position in society and reputations severely ravaged during the last 30 years.   They are just terrible at being heard in the paper, on the net, in schools, in Congress, with the President, on TV, in movies, radio - EVERYWHERE.

And they are the part of the triumvirate of a great society along with teachers and policemen.  We are dead without them - LITERALLY. 

Now think about a bunch of professional gamblers numbering less than 5,000 who persuaded Bush, Congress, Geithner, Benicke and a few others that their survival was key to the continuance of our way of life.  This group of people are tax cheats with their yearly profits hidden off shore who use their huge God given gifts to game our financial systems doing nothing for the people of the United States.  NOTHING. NOTHING. NOTHING.  NOT ONE THING.

Our country plunged itself into a 33 month depression to bail them out when the best thing would have been to let them fail and move to some other country or back to their old bedrooms in their parent's homes in Westchester.  The people of the United States have taken on a debt of trillions so these guys could keep up their mortgage payments of $300,000 a month on their homes in NYC, Southampton, Palm Beach and Jackson.    They call themselves investment bankers, hedge fund managers, currency and bond traders and financial advisers.   In fact they are people that know how to groan very, very well when they see their lives crumbling.  In short they are great in making us feel their pain to the extent that the rest of us are empathetic rather then just sympathetic.

Healing someone is vastly more difficult than being a heel who marries a screen with dancing numbers for his entire adult life.  

This is wrong.   The most important sector of our society have been out lobbied by the most useless.  And now we are going to work Doctors to death because we can no longer afford to pay them what they are worth and provide them the time off to renew themselves.    

The ability to convince others that ones death throes are critical to the survival of our society has blinded us to what really matters most.   Policemen, teachers and doctors are the most important parts of any successful system.   NOT GAMBLERS.

Off shore banking should be outlawed and trading profits should be taxed at the 90% rate until the debt that has been created from this failed leveraging has been paid off.

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