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Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Arader Indicator

For the last two years the team at Arader Galleries has been entering our inventory on to the key databases for art collecting in the world

They are "ABE" "AE" "Alibris" "Biblio" and "Artnet"

There is no point in making an entry unless you are the lowest price or have the finest example. Otherwise you are simply helping your competition with a higher price.

So our policy has been to keep cutting our prices until they are lower than anyone else. Because there are over 3,000,000 works of art in our stock, we dont always have the lowest price all the time but that is our goal.

On top of this we also create distributions of significent natural history lithographs at ridicuously low prices. For instance on March 12 it will be possible to get FIVE perfect examples of Gould's hummingbirds for $960 each. This is a price that is far, far lower than anything that can be found on the internet at this time. Normally a fine example of a Gould hummingbird retails for $2500 to $8500 each so to get them for $960 each is a spectacular bargain.

So far we have sold 60 of the 82 "shares" or "places" of this syndication.

The point of telling you this information is that right now middle class and upper middle class Americans are only just now starting to get back into collecting after a hiatus that started in the Summer of 2008. Business for this group of people is still slow but it is coming back rapidly. However it is no where near the level of activity of the period from 2000 to 2007. Prices are still 50% less than they were for works of art priced less than $3000 each.

So my indicator for the general health of our country is that we are still in a recession.

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