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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Are you a Lawyer looking for work? What about a desperate home developer? Or a bank with a huge portfolio of useless homes?

As more natural and man made disasters occur with greater frequency, an increasing number of the world's rich are going to figure out that the United States is by far the best place to live.   We have the best:

1.  Universities and colleges - attractive for the eduction of their children.   The total brain power in our top 300 institutions of higher learning is greater than the rest of the world combined.  And our professors LIKE to teach for the most part.

2.   Rule of law - a relief for those who have had to balance corruption in government with running their businesses.   It may be nasty to be stopped by a state policeman but how would you feel if everyone drove like you.  

3.  Golf Courses - a huge international pastime for the rich.  Again our best 300 are better than the best 300 of the rest of the world combined.

4.   Road systems - again driving nice cars is a wonderful sport if you have a fancy automobile.  Plus a bumpy ride in a developing country is literally a pain.   Our roads are the greatest engineering accompishment in history.   Nothing else comes close.

 5.   Established communities already for people from many foreign lands.   Just go to any of the Korea, China, Japan, Indian towns in the US.  You wont hear English spoken.   So most newcomers will immediately have a home away from home.

6.    Hospitals, great doctors and care. - Huge if you are old and want to add a few years to your life.

7.    The easiest society in the world to become a part of with only one barrier to entry.  - Only in the United States is the ability AND WILLINGNESS to give a lot of money away to charity an  instant path to acceptance in every town and city in America.  In Europe having an ancestor who slaughtered people of a different religion, race or nationality 400 years ago is key to social acceptance.  In India the color of your skin is what matters.  In the Middle East Royals married to three of their cousins puts them at the top.  In China being able to hide your wealth except when a general or a government official makes a sudden demand.  And then of course there is Russia where closeness to Putin is all the matters in the social hierarchy.  He makes the power of the Sun King look like that of the dog catcher in Horsebreath, Idaho.   Being from a distinuished family means nothing in the United States anymore and that has to be attractive to someone whose oldest tie to our country is his new passport!

8.     A fairer and lower taxing system that anywhere else except for Singapore.   You may not like the super rich hiding their profits offshore but they live in constant fear that their accountants will turn them in.  And eventually they get a visit from Buffet and Gates who persuade them to give 50% of their net worth away.   So Americans get it anyway when their greed turns into guilt.

So work with your law firm partners and develop packages for the rich from foreign lands to let them know that you will handle ALL of their legal requirements for a successful transition to life in the United States.   Join up with real estate developers and make the package even more attractive.  Join up with banks and they will pay you in advance to work on finding them foreign buyers for their unsaleable homes.  If you play it right, you might even do a deal to sell whole projects filled with hundreds of homes.   And a trillion dollar business would be new communities with JUST the people from one country where schools, residents, police, grocery stores, massage parlors, road signs would ALL be in the native language of their country.  All you need is 6,000 acres and elected country officals that want development and more tax payers.  It is going to happen so get on board.

This is going to be a huge new part of legal services in the United States as the mothering United States becomes an irresistible magnet for the rich of the world.   They are coming for sure legally if possible and illegally if not.  You might as well get in on this opportunity.  If you know a rich developer start thinking of ways to reach out and get him on board with a big up front fee to you.  Advertising, supporting museums of Asian Art in the United States and in the rest of the world, getting involved with the United Nations, getting involved with the people at Universities who handle relationships with their foreign students, working elected officals, visiting foreign countries and establishing relationships, and, of course, using the Internet to tout your services and expertise.  Quote a price up front and you will get a lot more answers.  $75,000 seems like a reasonable number to charge a guy with a net worth north of $10,000,000.   Round up 100 of these guys and you have a real business.  My guess is that there are 1,000,000 people in the rest of the world who can pay this fee.  They are coming.  You have a real business if you can get one tenth of one percent of them.  Cant be too hard.

If you feel this idea is worth something, please send me a check made out to the National Audubon Society or the East Side Settlement House or the Robinhood Foundation or the University of Florida Foundation or the University of Tennessee Foundation or the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History or Marymount College or the Historical Society of Pennsylvania or the Wildlife Conservation Society or any Museum in the United States that has Audubon's aquatints on view.    My dream is to use this site to raise money for the institutions that mean a great deal to me by teaching well.   While the idea of social climbing makes me want to vomit, my sense of gratitude to institutions that teach about my art is great.  If your check is big enough you might even get some names from me!

Graham Arader, 29 East 72nd Street, NYC, NY, 10021.  grahamarader@gmail.com

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