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Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Finest Collection of Natural History Watercolors Ever Offered for Sale.

My collection of Natural History watercolors is the finest and largest in the Western Hemisphere and is only second to the Museum of Natural History, London. And in certain areas is it the best in the world especially botanical illustration.

My dream would be to sell it to a Natural History Museum.

The goal of the great institutions is to "maintain and promote a museum of the first class." Any of them would be enhanced by owning the mother lode - the templates - of the original works of art that were used to spread knowledge and understanding of all living things.

Kindly consider the following:

1. VALUE - The price of this collection is an unquestioned bargain that we can back up with current auction records. Just on the work of the greatest flower artist of all time - Pierre Joseph Redoute - examples of his watercolors have recently sold for over $300,000 in many, many instances. You are being offered over 80 examples of his masterpieces. This collection of over 7000 works of art is priced at 20% less than what single works of art have sold for in the last 10 years. It is a spectacular bargain.

2. POWER - There is no question that the most accomplished and powerful women in any sophistacated city love their gardens, membership in their garden clubs, flowers. Having the finest collection of botanical watercolors in the world will bring them into your exhibitions, seminars, fund raising events and scholarship. The Maria Merian show at the Getty Museum brought in record numbers of women who admired this great woman botanical artist of the 17th century. The collection being offered to you is certainly the finest in the world of women botanical artists.

3. A FIRST CLASS CENTER - For the last 30 years I have been building collections of the engravings, lithographs, aquatints and woodblocks of the natural world at over 20 different institutions. This subject is not being taught in these institutions. With the ORIGINALS at a Museum of Natural Science you would become the mother institution drawing scholars, students who have been inspired and excited by this subject everywhere else. There is no question that they will be passionate.
4. WE ARE TRIED AND TRUE PHILANTHROPISTS - OUR HEARTS ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE - If you buy this collection, you will get my pledge to fund an endowment for a Professorship at a major University in your city to study, use and inspire students using the artwork at your Museum of Natural Science. To back this up we have over 2000 letters of thanks from institutions that we have supported during the last 40 years. This is available to you on request. You will also be gifted my reference library on this subject which consists of over 1000 books.

5. MOST IMPORTANTLY - INSPIRATION - Shows of the masterpieces of natural history artists draws record crowds and interest from school children to University Professors. This collection will prove to be a elegant, irresistible draw for the people of your great city.
6. THE FUTURE - As our standards of living are challenged, voters 20, 30 and 40 years from now will be much more willing to use their tax dollars to protect the environment if they KNOW the natural world. You will created a legion of environmentalists if as children and teenagers they learned how our greatest artists have intrepredted all living things.

7. DUE DILIGENCE - To help you and your fellow scholars learn more we would like to donate $10,000 of reference books on this subject to your museum. Just let us know and the books will be send down to you.

The price for this collection is $80,000,000 that could be paid out over a number of years.
If you would like to learn more and pursue this further, it would be my great pleasure to come to your city to meet you. And, of course, we would be honored to show you this collecction in our New York City Galleries.

Graham Arader

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