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Sunday, March 27, 2011

How to get into Yale - Part Two

In my e mail of 3/28 the principal way to "game" acceptance into any top school was described.   One simply devotes the Summer of one's Junior year to taking the courses you have signed up for the following Fall semester.   During September and October  your teacher is going to think you are a genius.  Of course this depends on your self control to keep your mouth shut about the intense studying you had been doing the previous Summer.  

So now your teacher will start to believe that you are smart and worthy of good grades and keep giving them to you for the rest of the year.  If you are lucky he or she will tell other teachers of your improvement, and they too will expect you to exhibit a massive improvement from pervious years.  They will think that you have matured and 'come into your own.   It certainly worked for me.

But then an unusual aspect of your persona needs to be revealed to keep too many questions being asked about your sudden improvement.

To distract my interviewing Yale Admissions Officer, Peter Seeley,  from my subtrafuge,  a way to impress and bribe him suddenly came to me.   At my interview he was presented with a jar of honey that had been produced from my family's garden that Summer.    It was given as a demonstration of student acheivement not as a payoff.

When Peter saw me on the Yale Campus two years later he said,  "You know you really were not qualified to get in to Yale but for three months during breakfast your honey on my toast was a wonderful treat.   When your name came up to the committee, I just could not say no and we found a place for you."

My Junior year my roommate amazingly found a way to get his hands on the written comments of the Admission Committee out of the Dean Griffin's office.  While never actually showing them to me, he took considerable delight in telling me that their prediction of my future at Yale and beyond was mediocre.

So finding a way to become PART of anyone's life is key to their belief in you.   The tried and true ways can work if you are very bright - that is VERY, VERY, VERY bright.  If you are not and most of us are not, then being creative can work.

It helps to sit in a dark room without distractions for 30 minutes five or six times over the course of a month.   The right way to bring yourself to light WILL come to you.   You have my guarantee that this is deadly effective if you use a first person, present tense, positive statement about being admitted to your dream school.   As you sit still and let this message enter your brain, you will come up with a way to get what you wish for without question.  It always works.  ALWAYS.

Just be careful for what you wish for!

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