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Sunday, March 20, 2011

I keep predicting exactly what is going to happen.

See my two blogs of 8/8/10 and my blog of 7/5/10.

Do you think we would be taking control of Lybia's oil without Putin's permission?????

Its a deal.  We take down our missles pointing at Russia and they let us take all the oil in the Middle East.

And it is a good deal.

These Islamic people in control of the Middle East treat their women, underclass and enviornment poorly.   Their time is up.

We have a better system in our Democratic Society.

The top 1%  of the people in the Middle East that have been in control have enough money stashed away to live very well in retirement.  My guess is that less than 100,000 people benefit from 99% of the oil income of the Middle East.  Now with Europe and the US taking control of this resource 1.5 billion people will have much better, stable lives with a sure flow of oil at stable prices.

Women are the most important half of our world population.  They deserve to be firmly protected from the horrors of Islamic doctrine. 

Oil cant go over $75 a barrel for the US and Europe to be productive and reasonably happy.

So we take it from people who mostly have been monsters to woman and their poor.

Our example of giving back has not be emulated by them.  Buying land in Africa to retire it is NOT charity when that land is used for hunting preserves.  It is disgusting.

Our democratic traditions bring out the good in the super rich to preserve our society by giving back and using their minds to educate the poor and protect woman. 

Libya, Iran, Afghanistan and the rest of the Middle East were given 25 years to follow our lead from the time that oil prices changed the world

For the rest of OPEC, time is flying by for you to change.   Learn to give back or you will be forced out of power.   There are just too many people in the world for 100,000 to hoard the bounty of the oil in the Middle East.

So AGAIN my prediction is that leaders of countries who cannot learn to give back will be replaced.  The oil is now far, far too important for horridly selfish, doctrinaire chauvinists and paranoids to be in control.   With the brief hiatus of Nuclear Power that has now resulted with Japan's tragedy, the oil will become a resource that must be shared with the US and Europe.  It is just too important.

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