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Friday, March 18, 2011

Lybians? Japan? Lawyers?

Oh.  So right now we care about the rights of Libyans??????????????????  Why don't we care about the hundreds of millions of people in much worse situations in the rest of the world that don't have vast oil reserves.

Let's stop the bull.

We are the strongest nation in the history of the earth and can kill people, cities, nations at will.  This is what we do best. 

So let's be honest - we just want OIL especially now that Nuclear Power is off the table.  We are taking it from Lybia so that we as Americans can keep up our standards of living. 

What's so terrible about that?

The American people are far too smart to think that we care about 6,000,000 Muslims living in the desert.  Qaddafi is responsible for Lockerbie and hates us.  So, his time is up. 

That is it.  Simple. 

My prediction - in a year we have locked up all oil in the Mideast so that it is used exactly where it belongs - in the United States.

And now for Northern Japan

How would your priorities change if there was an earthquake in the region where you lived?  What would be more important to  you?   Less important?   Disasters are going to happen more often now than they have since the last one which was World War II.  Your life is going to change with greater speed than ever before.  What have you done to plan for this?

Do you think the price of gold means that a huge number of people have some fairly strong feelings about what is going to happen?

The last 40 years have been the good old days.  The rule of law is a godsend in the United States.  It is our best protection when the upheavals occur.  You may even find yourself being thankful for people who practice law.

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