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Monday, March 21, 2011

Map(s) of the Day: Three Large wall-maps Representing the Continents. Gastaldi, Giacomo (c. 1500 - 1566)

Dimensions: Each 66 5/8" x 51 7/8"
  • These large-scale maps by Gastaldi are unique and remain unrivaled by any set of wall maps available today in terms of quality and importance.
  • The maps saw a development through three different states as successive publishers added the latest information to them.
    • State one, dating from ca. 1569, is thought to have been published by Giovanni Francesco Camocio. In approximately 1588, Donato Bertelli also published the plates, with some changes to the map of America in order to correct errors made by Gastaldi's assistants after his death (such errors mostly had to do with the assembly of the printed sheets).
    • The second state of Gastaldi's maps appeared circa 1655, now enlarged with additional copperplate sheets. This edition was published by Stefano Scolari, who made minor nomenclature additions. On the New World map the title "America" was added, as were the names "California," "Nova Granada" and "Estotiland." Scolari was also responsible for another printing of Gastaldi's maps approximately seven years later, circa 1662.
    • For the third state, the publisher once again updated the maps and included the new names of "Stretto D'Anian," "Nova Albion," "Novo Amsterdan" and "Stretum Davis." The south coast of Greenland was also added and Tierra del Fuego was shown as an island

Gastaldi's maps not only represent the most accurate information available but are also remarkable for their exquisite engraving. Each was produced on eight or twelve separate sheets that were then joined,
creating a single cohesive map with extensive written annotations and decorative elements, including fleets of sailing ships. Most maps created during this period were printed on one or two sheets. A very
limited number of large wall maps, involving numerous plates to print a certain area, were produced by major cartographic houses. Those few that were produced were ostensibly used for ostentatious public
display. The number of Gastaldi wall maps still in existence is extremely small and thus this represents an unparalleled opportunity to acquire three maps of outstanding accomplishment by a foremost

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