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Friday, March 18, 2011

My collecction of natural history watercolors for $80,000,000

We have auction records to back up values.  This is key.  This is KEY.  Auction records at Sothebys and Christies.

This is material that is GOOD ENOUGH that the major auction houses have been selling it for 200 years.  It is real.  It is in 500 museums all over the world.  I have 5000 reference books in my home that back this up.  It is not some NEW idea.

This is what Kings, Queens, Emperors, Popes collected and treasured.

So here are the principal artists

Jacques Le Moyne, Nicholas Robert, Maria Merian, Barbara Regina Dietzch, Georg Ehert, John Selby, Pierre Joseph Redoute, Jacques Barraband, Edouard Travies, Joseph Wolf,  Louis Fuertes, Roger Tory Peterson.

These are the key artists of the last 500 years.  The giants of natural history illustration.

And we have well over 5000 original illustrations for 80,000,000.   14,000 each.  This is an insane bargain.  It is a collection that is worth $50,000 each based on auction records.

There is a 20% commission to anyone that can help me sell this collection.

Catalogue Totals:
Botanical: $42,968,700.00; Number of works: 1,219
Bird: $33,695,525.00; Number of works: 2,235
Mammal: $4,608,700.00; Number of works 2,029
Final Total: $81,272,925.00; Number of works: 5,483

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