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Monday, March 21, 2011

My predictions keep coming true.

On two blogs of mine on 8/8/10 and one on 7/5/10 my prediction of a US takeover of Arab oil nations was made as a result of a secret deal with Putin.

The deal was - The US takes down its Missiles pointed at Russia and we get to do whatever we want to protect our supply of oil to the United States including taking over control of the nations of the Middle East.

And where is Robert Gates RIGHT NOW TODAY???????????????????????????????????

He is in Russia making sure that his new allies for control of the world's oil for our two populations are still willing to hold to the secret deal made two years ago.   He is showing who he really needs to pull this off for the American people.

You would think he would be in Washington looking after the action in Libya, the tragedy in Japan, the change of government in Egypt and other changes in the Middle East.  You would think he would be covering in Washington while the President was in South America. 

But NO.  That pales in importance to his relationships with his counterparts in Russia.  He wants to show them how much their secret deal means to the people really in power in the USA.

It is a great deal for the USA.   

Putin is doing more to help the USA get a steady supply of oil by not interfering with our takeover than all of Congress, the Executive Branch and the Armed Services in the USA.  His non interference is the reason we will pull this off.

We should be putting up statues of him in every park in America.

I called this 8 month ago.  Everyone thought I was crazy but I was right.

Somali pirates?  A threat in the Indian Ocean?  You have to be kidding me.  We could end that in an hour.  But we need them to show our Arab neighbors that they need our security.

Do you REALLY have to ask where the pirates funding is coming from?

Next time you see a CIA agent, give him a hug.  They are doing a great job.

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